CMI ‘born’ after 30 years

Journal 4/3/1981

P1 Namo emoj an kallib ilo Rita A crowd, estimated in the thousands, turned out at the burial site of Iroij Namo Hermios in Rita. He died on March 27 at the age of 53. He was Vice Speaker of Nitijela.

P8 President returns A huge crowd of Majuro residents, including elected and traditional leaders, and headed by a police honor guard, were at Majuro International Airport to welcome President Amata Kabua. The President left Majuro early last month for Nauru and onward to Taiwan where he underwent a medical check up. The President was accompanied by Internal Security Minister Ataji Balos.

Journal 4/2/1993

P1 On line Majuro will switch to seven digit telephone numbers using new switch stations that for the first time provide phone service from Ejit Island to Mile 17 in Ajeltake beginning April 13. Laura will be connected a short time later. Ebeye’s new phone system comes on line next Monday, one week ahead of Majuro, reports Al Fowler, general manager of the National Telecommunications Authority.

P5 Filipino elections The Filipino Association of the Marshall Islands recently elected its officers and directors for 1993. The association performs many community services, especially for Assumption Church and school. Those elected include Hector Guttierrez, Vice President Danny Padre, Polly Navarro, Manny Biding, Alfredo Ancheta, Rudy Digno, Freddy Digno, Domie Regala, Board Chairman Severino Natividad, President Alfredo Orzal, Treasurer Paz Manalang, and Secretary Dulce Mendenilla.

P6 CMI started nearly 30 years ago Like the newly emerging nation that it serves, the College of the Marshall islands is going independent. CMI will celebrate the big event this week Thursday, April 1 when it formally becomes independent of the College of Micronesia system. The newly elected board of regents held its first meeting, electing Oscar deBrum as chairperson.

P17 Assumption High School third quarter honor roll Seniors: Claudia Muller, Ioanna Bing, Tamar Myazoe, Mandy Ritok and Kadede Loran; Juniors: Jessica Reimers, Kakom Jetnil, Junior Patrick, Janelle Gancio and Nebwij Ritok.

P20 Awesome A record-setting 574-pound Pacific blue marlin was caught last Saturday near Majuro in the Marshalls Billfish Club’s tournament. Jerry Kramer was on hand to congratulate the Blue Ribbon team captained by Kalmer Latak, with anglers Anton deBrum and Peter Gigante.

Journal 4/2/2004

P3 Utah finally recognizes RMI laws Utah judges are becoming aware of issues surrounding adoptions involving Marshallese — which is providing a “glimmer of hope” for shutting down the illegal adoption industry that is ongoing. “They’re acknowledging our laws,” said Central Adoption Authority Director Michael Jenkins of judges in Utah. The state is one of the major points for adoption of Marshallese babies, with several church-run agencies having handled adoptions that were based in Utah.

P21 The bounty from Johnston arrives Containers filled with surplus items from the decommissioned Johnston Atoll US military base arrived in Majuro late last month with an estimated half a million dollars worth of equipment. According to Jerry Kramer, a committee had been assigned by President Kessai Note to decide what is to be done with the donated equipment.