CMI celebrates 31st birthday

Cutting the cake at CMI’s 31st anniversary celebration, from left: CMI Chair Kathryn Relang, Interim President Dr. Elizabeth Switaj, Finance Assistant Secretary Dana Anien, and Minister Joe Bejang. Photo: Wilmer Joel.
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Interim President Dr. Elizabeth Switaj announced that 17 percent of students who enrolled in fall 2020 finished their associated degrees last summer during the 31st anniversary opening of CMI on Tuesday.

“This means that we have achieved our institution set standards of 15 percent for the second time in college history,” she said. Switaj added that the passing rate at the college improved through the revised CMI 101 course, which included civic and service learning, from 57 percent in the fall of 2022 to 69 percent in the fall of last year. She also revealed that the college graduation in centers and subcenters on Jaluit, Ebeye, and Wote will include “a number of key milestones.”

Santo subcenter will hold its first graduation ceremony; Wotje will host its first college-level graduation; and Jaluit will host its first graduation since 2020. “These achievements show that when we speak of providing our community with access, we include our neighboring islands,” she said.

Chairperson of the Board of Regents, Kathryn Relang, said the initial interviews by the recruitment agency for potential candidates for CMI president have been completed and the presidential search committee is expected to meet “sometime next week to review the candidates.”

Relang acknowledged the beginnings and growth of the college, those who served in previous and current administrations, and current and former board members and employees. ”We must navigate our waters as did our predecessors in all areas of work at the college,” she said. Relang stressed the importance of the students and said, “Without you, college is nothing.”

Keynote Speaker Minister of Education, Sports, and Training Joe Bejang recognized the college as an “exemeplary institution” in the community. “As your minister, I want to take this opportunity to kamolol (thank) all the hard working CMI team who have played an extremely important part in CMI’s history and success,” he said.

Bejang challenged the CMI board and senior leadership team to complete the FY 2021 audit in the next three months. “Nothing is impossible,” he said.

The performers for the events were the faculty senate, staff senate, Kwajalein club, and teachers’ club. Student Government Association vice-president Tristen Horiuchi was the master of ceremonies. CMI Chaplain Clannter Leyrose offered the invocation and benediction.


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