CMI court closed until 2022

The SSG Solomon Sam Sports Court at the College of the Marshall Islands is closed until further notice because of serious corrosion to the roof structure. Photo: Geovannie Johnson.


Trying to play basketball? The College of the Marshall Islands basketball court was closed off to the public this past summer due to corrosion of the roof.

The structure was built in 2013 by a visiting US Navy team and has served as a multi-purpose space for many events for sports, school fairs and graduations. CMI Vice President, Stevenson Kotton said that the court is going to be “closed until further notice,” and that CMI has been “sharing floor plans with John Philip and Gary Likiak,” two researchers from the University of Hawaii to assess the basketball court.

CMI’s options range from minor fixes to full blown renovation; however “Covid has caused an uncertainty to our plans,” said Kotton.

Funding is also another question since the budget depends on which plan CMI chooses ranging from $200,000 to a million dollars.

“This court isn’t just important to CMI but to the public as well,” said Kotton.


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