CMI is now accredited

TW-pic-6-17Journal 6/18/1976

P1 A new post office for Majuro With final touches being applied, Robert Reimers Enterprises recent expansion to a post office/office complex prepares for its grand opening. Constructed by Island Construction Company, the new facility offers first class office space on the second level.

P2 Coleman off to Marshalls Trust Territory Acting High Commissioner Peter Coleman was to leave Saipan Thursday for Kwajalein for a meeting there with District Administrator Oscar deBrum concerning some Marshalls District problems. He did not elaborate on what those problems are.

Journal 6/21/1991

P1 Milk plant for sale The government closed its debt-ridden milk factory in Delap for good earlier this year and is now looking for a private sector buyer.

P5 Reimers officials: Raising minimum wage good Top management of Robert Reimers Enterprises said a rise in the minimum wage not only would not cause the company to lay off its workers, it would be a positive development for the local economy. The comments from CEO Ramsey Reimers, Chief Operations Officer Wyatt McMillin, and Controller Mike Hastings were in response to Cabinet officials who told the Journal several weeks ago that if the minimum wage were raised RRE would fire some of its employees.

P17 Private schools outscore public on HS entrance test High school entrance test results showed the not-surprising result that eighth grade students attending private schools have a higher rate of passing than do those in public schools. Nearly half of all private school eighth graders who took the exam recently will be accepted to one of the two public high schools, while just one out of three public elementary school students passed. Jaluit and Marshall Islands High School have space for only 35 percent of the 1,090 eighth graders in the RMI.

P24 CMI receives WASC accreditation Back in 1982 when current College of the Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine-Jetnil was working nights in the College of Micronesia’s one-room classroom above the post office in the RRE building, a dream of a campus with accreditation was so remote it was lost in the whir of noisy fans pushing sluggish humid air, broken Xerox machines, and a budget of petty cash. The college took its first big step toward becoming a campus in 1987 when all three programs came together in the old hospital facility. This past week, the College of the Marshall Islands reached its goal when the Western Association of Schools and Colleges accepted CMI as a fully accredited institution.

Journal 6/23/2000

P3 ‘Out-talled,’ but not outplayed RMI’s national basketball team came away with back to back wins over a visiting US Coast Guard team last weekend. The taller Coast Guard players gave the Marshalls a run for its money but down the stretch proved to be over-matched against the teamwork of the RMI squad, which is preparing for Outrigger’s Micronesian Basketball Tournament that kicks off at the end of next month. Peter Tokanang, Rixey Wase, Ken Heine and Robert Pinho led the RMI side.

P4 RMI: Wake is ours The Marshall Islands, in a diplomatic note to the US State Department, has objected to the US government claiming Wake Island as a possession of the US. The RMI was responding to an announcement that Wake Island would be used for temporary storage of a shipment of PCBs.