Coconut Cup set for April

TW-pic-2-17Journal 2/19/1973

P8 China joins UN mission The 1973 United Nations Visiting Mission is presently wrapping up its tour of Truk District. This mission, which has already been to the Marshalls and Ponape was joined by the highest-ranking Chinese at the UN — Tang Ming-chao, Under Secretary General for Trusteeships and Decolonization Affairs. This should make for a very interesting trip given the fact that the mission also includes a member from the Soviet Union, Viktor Issraelyn.

P9 Wilderness expedition Robert Wenkam, photographer and vocal representative of the Pacific area Friends of the Earth, was in Majuro this week beginning a short Trust Territory-wide tour. He is coming out with another book entitled Micronesia: Pacific Wilderness. The new work will deal mainly with the concept of establishing a Micronesia-wide park system. Wenkam reports that his first book on the area, Micronesia: The Breadfruit Revolution, is doing very well and has almost sold out its second printing (published by the University of Hawaii Press).

Journal 2/21/1992

P3 Water shortage Majuro’s water situation remains critical with virtually no rain since early January. The downtown population is relying almost entirely on water pumped from Laura at a rate of about 300,000 gallons per day. Without the Laura water, Majuro’s reservoir would be dry.

P21 Jeh, Ailinglaplap Elementary School honor roll First grade “eman katak” Ray Lator, Nelda Heron; Second grade Fred Note, Ejli Ned; Third grade Nema Bajo, Stevenson Ned, Readney Horiuchi, Jemba Jabjulan; Fourth grade Masao henty, Gusty Katadrik, Dawoj Ned, Jenny Lejka, Jimmy Botla, Bobson Phillip, Jilton Jorlang.

P22 Young Brand X takes home championship Minister of Social Services Christopher Loeak congratulated coach Rayner Peter of champion Young Brand-X in a ceremony during halftime at the CMI court. Secretary Charles Muller presented a trophy to coach Daniel Andrew for Ata Mula, which won the junior league championship.

Journal 2/21/2003

P4 Coconut Cup set for April Plans are well in place for the sixth annual Coconut  Cup Regatta. Chaired by Kirt Pinho, the committee confirmed that the unique race between “anything that sails” will be held April 12.

P17 Waston’s voice heard in Arkansas Wondering where some of your relatives and friends have disappeared to? How about former V7AB broadcasting personality Waston ‘Heavy D’ Attari? According to the website, Attari has just been elected president of the Arkansas Mashallese community organization. Walkup Zackraias was elected vice president, Remus Ralpho secretary and Carmen Chong Gum treasurer.

P20 Happy Valentine’s Day Three cheers for the Women’s Athletic Club who held a super fun Valentine’s Day fundraiser at the Lanai. Nika Wase and Doreen deBrum kept the party alive with their fabulous singing, Ambassador Mike Senko and his wife Dita were voted ‘Sexiest Dancers,’ and BOMI’s Patrick Chen and Neilang Elaisha took out the ‘Lonesome Dove’ award.

P26 USP graduates talented teachers Early childhood educators are soon to graduate from the University of the South Pacific program in Majuro. Twelve teachers from Majuro and 10 from Ebeye are completing their course work. Last week, at a special presentation, Todd Bokin, Louise Johnson Lorak and Rukelal Zedkeia showed off projects they produced for young children as part of a class project.