Coop-Laura basketball showdown

The Coop-Laura High School championship games — both boys and girls — were a huge crowd pleaser in Majuro. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

What happens when the Mad Dogs bite? The Tiger Sharks bite back. That’s what took place during the Sports & Extracurricular Program-run high school championship between the boys and girls varsity teams from Laura High School and Majuro Cooperative School last Wednesday at the Staff Sergeant Solomon Sam Sports Center.

The first game exploded with much anticipation from both the fans and the players as the lady Mad Dogs defended their championship title from the aggressive Tiger Sharks.
The back-to-back showcase of talent on the court had the crowd in uproar and at one point, there was more running and jumping on the sidelines than on the court — that’s how fired up the game — and the audience — was.

Even though Laura lost to Coop by the score of 69-52, the vibe reflecting off the players meant all went home winners.The following game meant one thing for the boys team from Laura: defend the honor of the defeated girls team. And they did just that, toppling a strong Coop team, 58-40.

The high school championship games were “lit” in today’s term or in normal language plain incredible thanks to the pre-show set up teasers by the Sports and Extracurricular Program that showed a clip of each team prior to their match: the lights went dark and the big screen featured a profile of each teams causing havoc and explosions of fandom from each team’s booster section.

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