Cops arrest TB carriers


Journal 5/20/1983

P1 WCC sends radiation team A team of five people from the World Council of Churches will arrive Sunday to spend two weeks in the Marshalls talking with leaders and interviewing persons affected by low level radiation during the tests on Bikini and Enewetak. Plans are being made for them to fly to Utrik, Kili, Ebeye and Rongelap to talk with persons affected.

P4 RepMar needs $3.7m to pay hospital bills Health Services Administrator Carolyn Rowland confirmed reports from Washington that RepMar needs $3.7 million to pay medical referral bills. That figure was given to US Congressman by Chief Secretary Oscar deBrum  who said there is a possibility Honolulu hospitals will not accept new patients until they are paid. Rowland said she asked for $2.2 million per year for the referral program but received only $300,000. At present, about 115 patients are sent to Honolulu each year for treatment.

Journal 5/26/1995

P8 ADB focus Restructuring the Marshall Islands’ economy is at the top of the agenda for the Asian Development Bank, according to the Bank’s 1994 annual report. “To prepare for the end of large fund transfers from the United States,” structural adjustment and coordination of aid projects from different donors is a key strategy, the bank said. 

P21 Promoting primary health on outer islands A group of health assistants was in Majuro recently for an in-service training with Youth to Youth in Health. Among other activities, the health assistants prepared primary health action plans for 1995 for their home islands. The group showed off a banner promoting island foods made and used on Jeh, Ailinglaplap during national health month. The group included Kollo Ninne (Lonar, Arno), Manty Taidrik (Tinak, Arno), Ideto Jonathan (Ulien, Arno), Gordon Samson (Jeh, Ailinglaplap), Jibaibe Boktok (Wotje), Arjen Anni (Jan, Maloelap, and Jepjin Jeik (Namdrik).

P23 Hawks soar Brand-X’s dream of a championship trophy came crashing down last week in the face of an all out assault by the Rita Hawks in the third annual Continental Micronesia Basketball Tournament. Brand-X had let loose with a few “assaults” of its own earlier in the week, ousting the Jets along the way, to conclude their surprising and impressive march to the championship game against the Hawks. The fact that they’d lost by just one point to the Hawks — on a last second, off-balance shot by Robert Pinho to save the game — had Brand-X fans hoping or a big upset in the finals. But in the championship, the Hawks were able to maintain a comfortable  45-36 halftime lead and then sailed to victory in the second half, 88-70. Pinho led the Hawks with 21 points, Rantly Kattil and Alber Alik added 15 each. Len Blix led Brand-X with 25, Leroy scored 14 and Mitham added 12.

Journal 5/26/2006

P3 TB carriers end up in court The government has gone to court twice this month to force Marshall Islanders to accept treatment for tuberculosis (TB). One of the cases resulted in an arrests warrant being issued by the court and police taking the individual to Majuro hospital’s isolation ward; the other case was resolved when the person agreed to treatment. “We have done this (filed suit) in the past and we will do it again,” said Health Secretary Justina Langidrik. “People need to get the message that we are serious about TB.”

P3 Senators absent from workshop A two-day “strengthening parliament” workshop for Nitijela members was cancelled Tuesday when only eight of the 33 senators showed up.

P4 It’s Wotje calling! Want to call to or from Wotje Atoll? No longer do you need to use a high frequency radio and have everyone listening into your conversation. NTA announced this week that its new GSM cell phone service has gone into action for Wotje. Speaker Litokwa Tomeing, who represents Wotje in Nitijela, made the first call on the new cell system.

P6 Likiep wins May Day comp For the first time in a while, you don’t see Majuro and Arno teams — the perennial winners — heading the list of basketball championship in the May Day tournament. Likiep’s team took the men’s basketball championship for the first time ever, with Jaluit second and Maloelap third.


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