Crime rate rises on Ebeye

Journal 10/4/1982

P3 New plumbing company opens Having problems with your plumbing lately? Let the fingers of Yamar Corporation, Inc. people do the work. Help is just around the corner. Just go to Rubar, near Irooj Joba’s place and tell Yuhei Yamaguchi, president and plumber, of Majuro’s only professional plumbing company. 

P3 Aqua Bar damaged Pacific International Inc. has been contracted to build the causeway for the Nauru floating bar, according to John Bill of the Nauru Local Government Council (NLGC). Bill explained that the Army Corps of Engineers of Honolulu has approved construction of the bar. The strong westerly wind last month caused some damage to the bar, so engineers from Japan are coming to work on it.

Journal 10/7/1994

P1 Big winners The A-Team bowled over the competition to win the women’s bowling League of Our Own. Jibli Roper, Ronna Helkena, Juliet Grant, Regina Niedenthal, and Otina Yamamura showed off their trophies. Jibli and Ronna also bowled the highest single game scores during the league, 215 and 206, respectively.

P17 Ebeye youth crimes on the rise? Five of the 10 criminal cases before the High Court session there this weekend involve juveniles, acceding to the High Court calendar. Judge Witten Philippo is hearing the cases. Of the five juvenile cases, four of them involve two or more defendants. The majority relate to burglary.

P23 MEC Brits ‘pound’ competition Jackie Jacob and his MEC Brits Too team have a well-deserved reputation not only for catching fish but also for taking good care of them once they are on board the boat. Keeping their fish wetted down and out of the sun turned out to be the difference on Saturday as MEC team’s 129lb. marlin edged out a dehydrated 128 pounder brought in by Bob Chong-Gum and the team on Meme to win the $360 billfish prize in the Marshalls Billfish Club’s new jackpot fishing derby.

Journal 9/30/2005

P3 Supermarket for sale RRE CEO Ramsey Reimers confirmed that the company’s main store is for sale, but said that no deals had been reached.  The Uliga-based company has received “one attractive offer and we’re looking at it,” he said.

P4 Fuel prices up a third over 2004 Fuel price hikes are hitting Majuro, Ebeye and the outer islands like never before. In the 15 months since June 2004, prices at the pump have jumped 33 percent — going from a range of $2.73-$2.83 per gallon to $3.56-$3.77. Meanwhile, Air Marshall Islands has been hit with a 50 percent increase in fuel costs since August 2004, when it was paying $2.26 a gallon. Today, it is paying $3.38.

P6 Kwaj takes out the Shootout Kwajalein was not to be denied in the Ralik Ratak Shootout. Under the steady hand of Coach Patrick Bing, Kwajalein won the seventh annal Shootout, beating first-time finalist Maloelap, 80-77. This is the second time Kwajalein has won the title. Majuro has won it three times, and Arno twice.

P10 Lovely The definition of solid waste management in the Republic of the Marshall Island: Pick a pretty spot (in this case Jable); dump tons of solid waste on it; watch with glee as it fills up; bring in a bulldozer and keep shoving it toward the water; wait for a full moon and corresponding high tide; host a party with plenty of Bud; watch the colorful bits and pieces float away.


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