Dash-8 waits on inspection

The Dash-8 during a takeoff from Likiep Atoll in the northern Marshall Islands.


Air Marshall Islands Dash-8 was grounded again April 11 and will remain in the AMI hangar until it can get the required inspection by certified engineers. A plan is in the works for bringing in certified aircraft engineers who can accomplish the inspections so that the Dash-8 can get back in the air, according to AMI.

The Dash received an 11-day extension from the end of March to continue flying past the due date for the detailed check of the plane. But that 11 days expired this past Sunday, grounding the plane. Once arrangements can be made, it should take only a couple of days for the work to be completed, said AMI General Manager Drauna Waqasokolala.

All aircraft globally are required to undergo a major check and evaluation at regular intervals to ensure their air worthiness.

AMI had scheduled an Air Niugini engineer to come to Majuro in mid-March, prior to expiration of the Dash-8’s flight certificate. But the plan was dashed when one of the pilots came into contact with a person in PNG who had Covid. The pilot had to undergo a 14-day quarantine, which cancelled the earlier plan. That led to the Dash being grounded for a few days before the manufacturer gave it an 11-day extension that expired this past Sunday.

Meanwhile, both Dornier aircraft are flying.

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