DC-8 service discontinued

Journal 4/27/1984
P1 Zeder meets with Marshalls’ leaders US Ambassador Fred Zeder arrived in Majuro April 18 for a two day visit enroute to Guam for President Reagan’s meeting next week with Micronesian leaders. President Kabua is scheduled to leave Majuro on Sunday to attend that meeting. Zeder met several times with President Kabua to report on the progress of the Compact of Free Association in the US Congress.
P4 Locally made furniture A way to obtain quality furniture and avoid high prices exists right now on Majuro due to the introduction of locally-made furniture by J&E Construction Co., a Delap firm that has been in business for several years. According to the firm’s manager, Johnny Bucad, sales of the locally-manufactured living room and related sets are not only being made locally but also to Ponape.

P9 Quote Overheard talking about his lawyer: “He lost the key to his room twice already. And he’s defending me?”

P10 Rough Riders tough battle The champion Rough Riders got a good scare Monday as they barely defeated the Honeycombs 15-14. Carie hit a grand slam home run to lead the Honeycombs. Amenta and Lisa contributed two runs each and Rona got a two-RBI double. The Rough Riders were paced by Tanga’s two-run homer and two hits, Jabok and Alma also got two hits and both had triples. Grace, Molly and Dorothy all collected two hits.

Journal 4/26/1996

P1 DC-8 is history Air Marshall Islands is discontinuing its DC-8 jet service to Honolulu and cutting back the number of employees in an effort to reduce losses. “We’re re-stabilizing the airline,” said general manager Tom Ryan. “It’s a matter of downsizing and getting control of the company so that we can look at expanding in the right direction.”AMI has been unable to turn the DC-8 losses around. Ryan said hard decisions — such as sale of the 748 and termination of the DC-8 service — have to be made to get the airline into an economically stable position. The DC-8 has provided passenger and cargo service to Honolulu for more than six years.

P9 Internet man Jim McLean spoke about Internet at the MIC on Friday. The meeting was well attended. Once participant said: “Once your husband gets interested in the Net, he loses all other interests.” Monday, Assistant GM at NTA Tommy deBrum said, “now we’ve got over 54 applications so Internet is definitely coming to Marshall Islands.”

Journal 4/27/2007

P3 James: An historic moment Rongelap Mayor James Matayoshi called last week’s Nuclear Claims Tribunal award “an historic moment for Rongelap and the Marshall Islands.” He was commenting on the Tribunal’s $1 billion award to Rongelap. The Tribunal “has sent a clear signal that justice for Rongelap requires full and fair compensation that has not yet been fully provided,” he said.

P5 Outer atoll residents voter savvy Recent results of a voter education survey reveal that outer islanders are more interested and aware about their rights and the need to vote over their urban counterparts. Participants of the first annual Gender Equality in Leadership workshop organized by the women’s umbrella organization WUTMI were surprised with the results of the recently completed US-funded voter survey. Presenters Zoya Tayag and Sara McKellogg revealed that when it comes to voting, the problem isn’t so much that there is a gap between the sexes but that there is a huge gap between the level of understanding based on one’s geographical location. “The level of understanding at each atoll was different with outer islanders being more interested and aware of their voting needs,” said Zoya.

P14 Uliga land project introduced A plan to reclaim eight acres of land on the ocean side of Uliga to house the now “landless” Uliga Elementary School was unveiled to the public last week Wednesday by the Uliga Elementary School Consortium and its engineering and environmental consultants at a public meeting. The massive land reclamation project is to be created from the edge of Small Island’s coastline, just behind Jane’s Corporation, to the oceanside of the College of the Marshall Islands in Uliga.


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