Dexter gets stamp of approval

New RMI Postmaster General Dexter Jikit at the Uliga Post Office headquarters. Photo: Eve Burns.


Dexter Jikit was named the new RMI Postmaster General this week by the board of the RMI Postal Services Authority.

Jikit started working in the post office in 2015 and worked his way up the ladder from handling mail to his new role as Postmaster General. He replaces Ainrik George who is now the secretary general of the Red Cross Society. Jikit was born and raised in Texas, and returned home to his Marshallese roots a number of years ago.

Jikit said his goal is to improve as well as expanding postal services to Ebeye, Wotje and Jaluit.

Jikit enjoys the working environment at the post office. He told the Journal that he has made working at the post office his career.

Jikit also has a unique way of looking at a PO box number. To others, a PO box number is just a box in the wall. But for him, it’s a part of an individual’s identity. “Over the years I have seen people get emotional over their PO box because it becomes a part of them,” he told the Journal.

Jikit said that there has been discussion about expanding the number of PO boxes available for postal customers. He added, Jaluit is requesting more boxes.

Jikit is determined to work hard to meet expectations of customers as well as maintain the post office’s high standards of accountability as shown in audits over the past 10 years.

Jitik said he thinks he is the youngest postmaster general in the Micronesia. He knows that his young age adds to the pressure of the new job. But, he said, he’s eager to continue and expand on the work of the RMI post office.


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