Do you know a “JERK”?

Front pages from 1987, 1999, and 2010.

Journal 1/16/1987

P1 Casinos coming?
A bill to legalize gambling for foreign visitors and certain Marshallese was introduced into the Nitijela last week and debated during a public hearing Monday. Introduced by President Amata Kabua, it would legalize “gaming houses,” giving authority to the Cabinet to license and control casinos in the Marshall Islands.

P1 Peace Corps changing with the times
For the Marshalls Peace Corps program, the start of its 21st year is the beginning of a new era in more ways than one. It started the new year by signing its first direct agreement with the Marshall Islands, replacing the former pact with the Trust Territory. It is also shifting emphasis to keep pace with changing times and needs in the Marshalls. The group of volunteers who arrived last summer are strictly focusing on health education fields, a move that is in line with the Marshalls government’s assessment of the major problems here, said Peace Corps Director Jack Maykowski.

P11 RepMar joining Forum, SPEC
The Nitijela has paved the way for the Marshall Islands to join the South Pacific Forum and the South Pacific Bureau for Economic Cooperation. The Marshalls application for membership in the Forum and SPEC was unanimously approved by the members those organizations.

P11 Ebeye celebration
The Catholic Church on Ebeye opened its brand new church building with a big celebration on January 3. People came from around the Marshall Islands and Bishop Martin Neylon flew in for the event.

Journal 1/15/1999

P1 AMI’s 748 to fly away
Air Marshall Islands board of directors has approved the sale of the HS748 aircraft to an Africa-based air carrier for $900,000. The longest-serving plane in AMI’s fleet, the 748 has been in service since AMI bought it in the early 1980s. It has been in service both internationally and domestically, carrying travelers between Fiji and the Marshalls, as well as tourists to Bikini Atoll.

The word “jerk” is derived from the original Marshallese characterization of a person who exhibits the following traits: Jejjej (showoff, braggart, me-myself-and-I), Ebanban (jealous, prejudiced), Riab (liar, “more than liar,” never can say I’m sorry) and Koot (steal, corrupt, fraud).

P13 Pothole? What’s that?
Local residents taking a drive into Rita have been delighted to discover a whole new world of peaceful bliss as they glide along the freshly sealed main road. The paving has reached well past Marshall Islands High School as it nears downtown.

Journal 1/15/2010

P2 TB rate 50 times higher than US
The Marshall Islands has the highest rate of tuberculosis of all US-affiliated Pacific islands, according to the US Centers for Disease Control. The information shows the infection rate in the Marshall Islands is nearly 50 times higher than the US national average.

P8 Net-working in Delap
A local fisherman had a misconception wrought upon him this past week — he was in the market for a throw net he was asked to buy for his brother on Namdrik Atoll. “Any of you guys know where I can get a nice net?” He asked a group of his friends. One of the guys suggest Tourist Trap. “I heard they got nets there,” he was told. So the fisherman kind of scratched his head and meditated. He felt the information was wrong and so he ran his request through the hopper again. “You sure they got nets at Tourist Trap? I mean, isn’t that just for office supplies and things like that?” The informant shook his head and said, “My wife told me just last night they got nets at Tourist Trap. Why don’t you check?” So the fisherman stopped by Tourist Trap and asked if they had any nets. The counter girl said, “yes.” And reached under the counter. She showed a little bag to the fisherman and said, “these are the nets.” Yes, they were nets. Hair nets.


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