Dr. David steps into new role

Dr. David Alfred, third from left, was recognized for completing the four-year residency in surgery at Shuang-Ho Hospital in Taipei. Now entering the residency program in Taipei are Dr. Jerel Anitok and Dr. Cody Jack, fourth and third from right, respectively. They were joined by Majuro hospital staff and Ambassador to Taiwan Anjanette Kattil, second from right, and Embassy First Secretary Dorianne Tarjikit Kabua.

Dr. David Alfred became the first Marshallese general surgeon after his graduation ceremony last week in Taipei made it official. Alfred is also a pioneer with Shuang Ho Hospital, as he was the first Marshallese resident to attend — and complete — the four-year residency training program at the Taipei hospital.

Following in Alfred’s footsteps are Dr. Cody Jack and Dr. Jerel Anitok, who both received their white coats at the same ceremony in Taiwan last week Wednesday. The white jacket ceremony formally signifies the start of their four-year residency training program at Shuang Ho Hospital.

To date, four doctors from the Republic of the Marshall Islands have entered the Shuang Ho residency training program since its official launch.

The Taiwan government established the Taiwan Health Center in the Marshall Islands in 2007 as part of its commitment to provide medical care and public health education to the Marshallese people.

The Taipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital and the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare began collaborating with the Marshall Islands in 2013. Since then, advancements in healthcare programs aligned with the top health priorities of the Marshall Islands have been developed, including the Residency Training Program.

The ceremony was new RMI Ambassador to Taiwan Anjanette Kattil first official event since arriving in Taiwan two weeks ago. Also in attendance from Majuro hospital were Drs. Robert Madison and Rodney Catilo. A pre-recorded congratulatory video message from the Minister of Health and Human Resources Ota Kisino was played during the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Kattil congratulated the RMI resident doctors and expressed gratitude to the government of Taiwan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Ministry of Health and Welfare for the assistance and commitment to the RMI.

Kattil reaffirmed that RMI will not waiver in its support of Taiwan’s inclusion at all levels of the international community, and stated that the RMI looks forward to Taiwan’s official recognition for they have so much to offer the world, particularly their exceptional reputation and depth of knowledge in medicine and public health.


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