Drifters get to Marshalls

What we were saying way back when

Journal 8/19/1983

P1 Compact is called tyne best last hope The Compact of Free Association is the best last hope for the people of the Marshall Islands to be included in the American political family, President Amata Kabua said in his address to the Marshallese people at Nitijela last Friday.

P1 Coalition starts campaigning Kwajalein Senator Ataji Balos and Mayor Alvin Jacklick arrived from Honolulu Sunday bringing with them materials for the upcoming campaign by the Coalition to Oppose the Compact of Free Association in the September 7 plebiscite. Balos said they are thoroughly unsatisfied with the Compact and its subsidiary agreements.

P1 No auditor means no audit report Wotje Senator Litokwa Tomeing asked the Cabinet to give Nitijela an audit report of RepMar’s operation during the past four years. He said the report should explain how the money was spend and for what purposes. Tomeing was told, however, that there would be no report as there is no auditor at present.

Journal 8/25/1995

P3 1995 producing phenomenal growth This year has seen unprecendted growth in the Marshall Islands ship registry, which now has 92 ships and close to three million tons flying the Marshall Islands flag. The Marshall Islands flag now ranks about number 25 out of 160 registries in the world, said Chairman Archibald Stewart.

P12 Delap hotel is up, up and away The first of five guest room buildings for Majuro’s newest hotel is on the way up, with completion of the structure expected to take two weeks. The fast-paced project must be completed in time for the South Pacific Forum meeting to be held in Majuro next summer, and Pacific International Inc.’s Jerry Kramer said construction work is right on time.

P13 NCT awards close to $40m The Nuclear Claims Tribunal has awarded almost $40 million in compensation for personal injury claims of 1,150 Marshallese. Because of limited money, the Tribunal has limited actual payments to date to 50 percent of the total awards, amounting to close to $20 million.

P16 New dry dock almost ready Working under the sun with heavy metals along with the help of the heavy equipment truck made it possible for DAR to have the first dry dock in the Marshall Islands which is located at Delap Dock and will be open for business in four weeks.

Journal 8/25/2006

P1 Mexicans spend 295 days at sea The words “Marshall Islands” reverberated around the world this week as television networks, news wire services, and other media report on the three Mexican fishermen who drifted  more than 5,000 miles across the Pacific over 295 days and finally set foot on land on Tuesday morning in Majuro. The trio, who were spotted drifting in Kiribati waters on August 9 by the Marshall Islands registered purse seiner Koo’s 102, looked extremely healthy.

P18 Nitijela slams social, economic reports Nitijela members said there is no poverty in the Marshall Islands and criticized the authors of recent social and economic studies saying they are not culturally sensitive. At last Thursday’s Nitijela session, debate focused on two economic reports issued in 2006: The Community Household Socio-Economic Survey issued by RMI’s Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office, and an Asian Development Bank report, Juumemmej (Stand Awake).

P32 Are you aware THAT Laura Thuy Smith, daughter of Sam and Thuy, was the valedictorian for her Hawaii Pacific University graduating class at last week’s commencement held at the Waikiki Shell?


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