Easy to get domestic violence protection

A complaint to the High Court this week by a woman seeking protection from an abusive partner is the eighth domestic violence case to seek court attention this year.
The High Court has streamlined its procedure for handling domestic violence complaints. It allows a woman or man to come directly to a staff member at the court to fill out a form requesting a temporary protection order without need of using an attorney — although some go to the Public Defender or Micronesian Legal Services. Once filled out, the form is then notarized by court staff and submitted to a judge for action.
The High Court normally responds to the complaint on the same day, usually issuing a temporary protection order.
In the case that was filed this week, High Court Judge James Plasman issued an order directing Richie Jacklick to stay at least 200 feet away from Cindy Wase and not to contact her by phone or internet while the matter is pending. He set a hearing for November 9 to address the matter further.
Often, as in a complaint filed last month by Eunice Lomwe, the complaint will be dismissed by the victim before it goes to a further hearing of the court.