Ebeye can be a lot more

Journal 2/12/1982

P2 Kabua moves to new office President Kabua moved into his new lagoon-side office in the Cabinet office building February 11. Most of the ministers had moved in a month ago. The public service already moved into the old building following last summer’s fire which destroyed the downtown administration building.

P2 Marshall Islands High School 12th grade honor roll Jabton Gideon, Nelly Beio, Mackpi Bwijko, Perlo Domenden, Junior Taylor.

P4 Among Other Things by Akio Heine Ebeye is a small place with large problems. Problems of over population, bad roads, water shortages, power outages, an uncorking sewage system and plumbing which led to contaminated drinking water are among the obvious ones. Ebeye is also dirty besides. The whole place needs to be painted and planted with trees.

Journal 2/11/1994

P6 Junk cars Police Commissioner Norman Jennings tells us that so far, 200 junk cars have been collected by the police and Public Works. The cars will await collection for any off island scrap metal company that wants them.

P11 Sporting donation Patrick Chen, manager of the Bank of Marshall Islands, recently donated the island’s first 30-second shot clock for basketball preparation for the Micronesian Games in Guam and to the College of the Marshall Islands. Receiving the donation were Oscar deBrum, chairman of the Olympic Committee and CMI’s board, and Sr. Dorothy Nook, president of CMI.

P16 Olympians beat gargantuan Navy During a game Friday night in Majuro, the Marshall Islands Olympic basketball team defeated the team from the US Navy ship Fletcher, 85-75. The Majuro boys went against players who stood 6’5” and taller, but a full court press and aggressive defense against the much taller Navy players won the game for the smaller team. Robert Pinho was the leading scorer with 22 points. Three other RMI players scored in double figures: Alber Alik, Jason Langidrik and Mitham Clement.

Journal 2/11/2005

P3 Youth build new community area A new facility for Majuro youth and the community will also be built by young people. Two local NGOs together with multiple donors are cooperating to put up a new youth community center in Uliga — and providing a training opportunity for a team of young men. Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Isalnds) is erecting the walls and roof of a new Youth to Youth in Health center at the back of the NGO’s main office in Uliga.

P8 Spitting images Pop quiz: Living in the Marshall Islands, you are more likely to: a) get in a car accident? b) be robbed? or c) be spit on while walking on the street? There are bad drivers and there are robbers in the RMI. But there are 100 times more spitters. A while back, Public Health Director Dr. Kennar Briand called the Marshall Islands “spit country” and he wasn’t joking. This fairly new “custom” of spitting is all the more strange considering the amazing awareness that most Marshall Islanders, especially older people, have about body language and respect for others. So it’s pretty weird to see how spitting has slipped into the system. Encouraging it, of course, is the explosion in tobacco and betel nut chewing.

P32 VIP visit May 1 is the 26th anniversary of Constitutional government in the RMI and this year will be notable as ROC President Chen Shui-bian will be in town for the celebrations.