Ebeye celebrates Taiwan Day

Kwajalein leaders joined with Taiwan Embassy officials last week to open a new community farm near Ebeye.

The Kwajalein Atoll Local Government announced the sponsorship of Taiwan Day on Ebeye to thank and recognize Taiwan’s assistance in health and agriculture.

The special day was held September 9. Taiwan Ambassador Jeffery SC Hsiao and Madam Hsiao were invited, along with traditional leader Drille J. Kabua representing Iroojlaplap Michael Kabua, Nitijela Member David Paul, Mayor Hirata Kabua, Foreign Secretary Anjanette Kattil, and Kwajalein Commander Col. Thomas Pugsley to join events on Taiwan Day, celebrating the arrival of three medical containers and the opening of a new community farm.

To help Kwajalein Atoll strengthen its disease prevention capacity in the post-Covid-19 pandemic era, three medical containers made in Taiwan were handed over to KALGov last week.

Ambassador Hsiao emphasized that Taiwan never ceases to share its experience and carry out its promises. “As a staunch ally in the Indo-Pacific family, Taiwan will continue to join efforts with like-minded countries on all fronts to assist the development of the RMI,” Ambassador Hsiao said.

The three medical containers could serve as extensions of the hospitals to protect the borders and people from the invasion of the virus. All the participants were given a short tour to see the interior of the containers and were amazed by the idea of installing a screening stations and and a laboratory in a container. Six medical containers were also handed over to the Ministry of Health in Majuro a few weeks ago.

Another event held on Taiwan Day was the opening ceremony for a new community farm, a cooperative program executed by the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM). In the opening ceremony, Ambassador Hsiao pointed out that Taiwan has been working in line with the national policy of the Marshall Islands to tackle food security issues caused by climate change. Taiwan is committed to strengthening food security for the neighboring islands in the RMI by establishing more community farms, he said.

Taiwan Day is the first-ever such day declared by the Kwajalein Atoll Local Government in thanking the contributions of Taiwan to Ebeye, the second most populated area of the RMI.


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