Ebeye’s 400,000 gallons a day

Inside the Osmoflo water plant control room on Ebeye with Jeremy Loeak (left) and Erwin Milne. Photo: Hilary Hosia.


There are currently two reverse osmosis (RO) water-making units in operation at the Ebeye Water Plant, with one unit producing up to 150 gallons per minute, which makes up to 300 gallons per minute combined, according to water plant staff Jeremy Loeak.

On average, the water plant makes 288,000 gallons of fresh water in 16 hours. At maximum, the water plant creates 432,000 gallons in 24 hours.The water is then transferred into a large storage tank before being distributed to the Ebeye community. The water plant has several faucets available at its water station outside the facility that is open for public consumption.

Since this RO equipment was installed earlier this year as part of a major water, sewer and power revamp on Ebeye, the water plant does not own a generator so at times power outages interfere with water production.

Read more about this in the October 18, 2019 edition of the Marshall Islands Journal.


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