Educators seek their MAs

New graduate students in the USP Majuro Campus master in education program joined with instructors and administrators after the launch in Majuro at the end of May. Photo: Eve Burns.

The University of the South Pacific Campus in Majuro together with the Marshall Islands Public School System launched a master of education program at the end of May.

The event took place at the USP Campus in Rairok and featured remarks from both USP and PSS representatives. The event was emceed by USP Campus Director Setoki Qalubau.

A total of 16 are in the new master’s program.

The program will run until December 2025, on a “blended mode” combining both face-to-face and online classes. “Professors will be traveling to the RMI to teach each course as required under the Master’s in Education program,” said Qalubau.

This is the first group funded through an Asian Development Bank program, but the third overall for USP Campus in Majuro.

“This is the third Master’s in Education program organized by the Marshall Islands USP Campus and the first under the ADB Funded Improvement of the Quality of Basic Education in the Northern Pacific Program,” Qalubau added.


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