Election Update Tuesday Late PM

Majuro voters cast their votes Monday 11/16/15 at Delap Elementary School’s “Special Polling Station,” where people were allowed to vote outside of their designated polling stations for convenience. Photo: Giff Johnson.With Hilary Hosia reporting live from the ICC

Early preliminary and unofficial results from the RMI national election showed Tuesday evening that several government party candidates are facing strong challenges. In Majuro, incumbent Phillip Muller was in sixth place in a 5-seat race over 150 votes behind the fifth highest vote getter; at Kwajalein incumbent Jeban Riklon was in fifth place in a 3-seat race; Speaker Donald Capelle lost the Majuro to Likiep vote to challenger Leander Leander; while challenger Justin Lani won the Aur, Aur regular vote over incumbent Dr. Hilda Heine 44-41. All of these results still represent only a portion of the vote and are subject to change as more votes are counted.

In the Majuro regular vote, newcomer Sherwood Tibon was second highest vote getter behind incumbent Tony Muller, while Ladie Jack looked on track to unseat incumbent Mayor Mudge Samuel.

In the Marshall Islands voting system, the key votes include: “regular” (cast on the island from which candidates are running), domestic absentee from one island to another, “confined” votes (people sick or otherwise unable to go to a polling station), and postal absentee votes.

Here are results obtained either from Electoral officials at the ICC or poll watchers as of 7:30pm Tuesday 11/17/15.

Majuro regular all wards EXCEPT Delap and Rita (still being counted), Nitijela: Tony Muller 1332, Cornelius Langmos 85, Phillip Muller 826, Evelyn Lanki 653, Brenson Wase 1163, Biuma Sampson 789, Kalani Kaneko 984, Allen Lanki 147, David Kramer 1197, Sherwood Tibon 1325, Caster Konou 127, Jim Philippo 300, Jack Niedenthal 285; Mayor: Ladie Jack 1126, Mudge Samuel 770, Antonio Rear 125.

Majuro to Likiep (5 wards), Nitijela: Donald Capelle 194, Leander Leander 260, Huston Lokeijak 50.

Majuro to Ebon, Nitijela: Heran Bellu 86, John Silk 160; Mayor: Ione deBrum 109, Lajan Kabua 133. Ebon Ebon regular: Heran Belu 35, John Silk 80. Mayor: Ione deBrum 93, Lajan Kabua 21.

Majuro to Namdrik, Nitijela: Mattlan Zackhras 155, Amatlain Kabua 66; Mayor: Clarence Luther 154, Inok Lautej 67.

Majuro to Arno Kabjeltok 1-2, Nitijela: Jiba Kabua 25, Rumon Jorbal 31, Newton Lajuan 38, Thomas Lokot 11, Jejwarick Anton 95, Mike Halferty 80, Jefferson Barton 32.

Maloelap Aerok regular, Nitijela: Charles Domnick 4, Michael Konelios 19, Bruce Bilimon 15.

Aur Aur regular, Nitijela: Hilda Heine 41, Justin Lani 44; Mayor: Frankey Bwijtak 3, Miram deBrum 3, Clanson Peter 76, Barry Karben 0, Allen Lanwe 4.

Kwajalein regular (count still in progress), Nitijela: Alvin Jacklick 187, Ataji Balos 30, Steve Dribo 69, Jeban Riklon 160, Michael Kabua 325, David Paul 219, Tony deBrum 207; Mayor: Tusi Tagoilelagi 41, Harrington Dribo 119, Marmar Lejjena 4, Hirata Kabua 142, Joma Maie 40, Kennedy Glanry 27, Janer Emmius 26.

Ebadon regular: Alvin Jacklick 11, Ataji Balos 0, Steve Dribo 1, Jeban Riklon 7, Michael Kabua 28, David Paul 25, Tony deBrum 7.

No update yet on Majuro regular votes for Delap and Rita (still tabulating at 7:30pm).

Tabulation in progress at 8pm Tuesday: Majuro to KBE, Majuro to Kwajalein, Majuro to Jaluit, Majuro to Ailinglaplap, Majuro to Arno, and others.