Electric rates soar by 3¢

TW-pic-10-30Journal 10/12/1979
P1 Fifteen join search for Earhart plane
A group of 15 individuals, some of whom support “ESP” (Earhart Search Party) tee shirts, are scheduled to depart the capital on three small vessels for what could be a history-making excursion.
The Earhart reference aside, what the crew is really looking for is a plane, spotted in the early 1950s by one Vincent Loomis on an extremely isolated islet “somewhere in the Northern Marshalls.” Loomis has been in the Marshalls several times, and has been the subject of a number of wire service stories keylining his claim to have a strong conviction that the Lockheed Electra aviatrix Earhart was last heard from is deteriorating away on an island he visited as a young man. “I was stationed at Enewetok at the time,” explains Loomis, “and we were out on a mission placing markers on different atolls in the area so that pilots tell which island was which.”
P5 Fourteen return from Japan trip
Fourteen Marshallese, most of them part Japanese, completed a month-long trip to Japan that was locally organized by Saburo Wase and Kaname Yamamura. According to Kaname, the trip was extremely enjoyable for everyone who participated.
P7 Raises electric rate
Electrical consumers here begin paying 8 cents per kilowatt this month, an increase of 3 cents due to recent rate hikes implemented by the Public Works department. This rate hike does not affect special people who don’t pay their electrical rates anyway, so we are sorry if any in that category wasted time reading this.
Journal 10/28/1988
P1 Air Mike cuts standby fee
Continental Air Micronesia announced this week that the airline has eliminated the requirement that standby passengers between Majuro and Honolulu pay an extra $210.
This was one of two major concerns resolved during the board meeting of Air Micronesia and Continental representatives held recently in Hawaii, said Mark Erwin, General Manager of Continental Airlines in Hawaii.
P20 Runners set record
Manny Lolin and Rose Murphy set records in the Compact day cross country run last Saturday. The six-mile run from the Majuro Airport to Delap field attracted a big turnout of 33 runners from Majuro. Lolin, from Marshall Islands High School, was first overall and set a record with a time of 48:00 minutes. He was followed by Emerald Jim from Rongrong MCHS, who came in at 50:00 and Bokkoj Saito from Rita Elementary School who finished 52 minutes and 30 seconds. Steven Binejal from CHS came in fourth.
Journal 10/29/1999
P1 No more Mr. Nice Guy for Secretary Blake
Finance Secretary David Blake says that the Ministry is moving to the next stage in its tax amnesty program: taking legal action against non-tax-paying businesses. The Secretary said that Finance wants everyone to know that the amnesty program didn’t stop with the initial phase of the program, which was geared to getting people and businesses to step forward and begin paying their taxes.
P19 RMI, US pleased with talks
The RMI and the US had their first formal discussions in Kauai, Hawaii, last Wednesday on provisions of the Compact of Free Association that require renegotiation, according to a joint statement by the two governments. Minister of Foreign Affairs Phillip Muller and Special Negotiator Allen P. Stayman led the delegations and “expressed their belief that a continued commitment to their long-standing, special relationship is in the mutual interest of both countries.”
P22 MEC runs out of backup
“We have no backup,” said MEC’s Billy Roberts Wednesday this week as the Caterpillar engine went down, the latest in a series of problems besetting the aging Majuro power plant. Meanwhile, the start-up of the new power plant was further delayed, but is now likely to go on-line the week of November 8, according to Roberts.