Enemanet Express down

Journal 10/1/1973

P9 Phone update The telephone system will be completed around November 1, 1973. A total of 98 phones will be installed, 47 of these will be used by the administration and the hospital. A few will be used by key men in the Trust Territory government, such as the Distad. The remainder will be issued to private businesses. There is a possibility of boosting the number of phones to 120. Eventually, private homes would have the privilege of dialing a wrong number. Journal 10/2/1992

P11 SDA joins Catholics in new program Following the example of the Maryknoll Sisters in Likiep, the Seventh Day Adventists recently became the second religious organization to contract with a local government to run a public school. The SDA church is now operating public schools on Namu and is also looking at the possibility of contracting with the local government to run schools in Ailinglaplap. Education Secretary Hilda Heine-Jetnil said the ministry is already seeing improvements in the Likiep school since the Maryknoll Sisters took over administration.

P19 Surveillance training exercises A Royal Australian Navy boat, coordinating with the RMI Lomor and an Orion aircraft, conducted a special training exercise September 28 aimed at sharpening the surveillance skills of the local patrol boat crew.

Journal 9/26/2003

P4 Measles cases top thousand mark As of September 22, the total number of reported cases of measles in the Marshalls was 1,011. The good news, however, is the number of suspected cases being seen at the hospital is down to one or two cases a day.

P8 Bumper year for pearls Robert Reimers Enterprises this week announced they are expecting a harvest of 5,000 black pearls later this month, which go on sale November 20. RRE and Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort are joining forces this year to promote the pearls.

P10 Power to Pinho Majuro’s king of entertainment, Kirt Pinho, has been off Majuro for weeks at a time over the past few months. His presence is sorely missed, especially on Sundays, since Kirt’s business activities have distracted him from making sure his super shuttle LCU is operating. Kirt’s boat, the Enemanet Express, serves as the major fun thing to do on Sundays for locals looking to barbecue and just hang out at the popular Enemanet location. Admittedly, we do take the availability of Kirt’s service for granted, and now that the boat is down, we notice quite a few long faces in town on Sundays. We suggest the local community organize a fundraiser to replace Kirt’s engines. Maybe we can slip in a special provision in the Compact for ensuring the continued viability of Kirt’s LCU shuttle?

P14 Our crafty ladies Handicraft weavers from throughout the Marshall Islands flocked to Majuro this week to attend a “Made in the Marshall Isalnds” handicraft workshop at the Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort. The workshop is focusing on marketing of handicrafts and identifying potential export markets that will allow the industry to grow. Jaluit’s Limmet Takia, Mejit’s Taline Boun, Utrik’s Kalije Lang and Arno’s Mela Kattil displayed their crafts at the workshop.