EPA funds waste removal

What we were saying way back when

Journal 8/12/1983

P1 Nitijela asks questions of MIATLP lawyer In a long Nitijela committee meeting, Republic citizens listened to Marshall Islands Atomic Testing Litigation Project lawyer Richard Gerry being questioned for over five hours as Nitijela members asked questions ranging from the 177 Section of the Compact to the MIATLP cases to his and his staff’s salaries. At issue was whether approving the Compact with the 177 Section will hinder the MIATLP and other radiation affected atoll cases from proceeding in US courts. Gerry argued that not only the 177 Section is an obstacle to the success of the cases now in courts but said the money in the 177 Section is inadequate.

P1 MBC jumps into 3rd place at HIB Tournament With one day remaining in the 1983 Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, Marshalls Billfish Club has jumped to third place with 733 points. On August 11, Wally Milne caught a 173 pound marlin. Team Captain Tom Michels landed a 385 pound marlin the day before. A California team is currently in first place with 738 points.

P2 Among other things by Akio Heine As one who doesn’t have much to do, we always find ourselves at Nitijela listening or watching each day’s session. If you listen to WSZO, you don’t know what you miss. WSZO broadcasts only the boring stuff. The juicy or more meatier stuff are not aired. For example, if you go there, you will have a chance to observe your own senator speaking or in some cases doze off as the case may be. Never a boring moment.

P6 EPA to remove hazardous materials The US Environmental Protection Agency has approved funding for the removal of hazardous waste from nine sites in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. 

Journal 8/18/1995

P3 USP recognizes newest member nation Marshall Islands President Amata Kabua was installed as the new chancellor of the University of the South Pacific in a ceremony in Majuro Monday at which he urged the Fiji-based university to maintain its focus on meeting development needs of island nations. Kabua becomes the ninth chancellor. The Marshall Islands is the newest of the 12 USP member nations and the first in the north Pacific.

P16 Jet Kain Melele by Yeller Bnzmn Two more months and the Marshall Islands Nitijela election is in action. Being a leader is one thing but being a supporter is another. People always take advantage of their home island leader in almost everything. Some men wanted to run for Nitijela but supporting hundreds of people always comes to their mind that tell them to think twice before you run for Nitijela. The law said whoever’s got land rights can run for Nitijela, so everyone can run. But usually those who wanted to run so bad don’t run just because they are afraid of becoming a supporter instead of a leader sitting in a chair being a member of Nitijela. Marshallese think a person who’s sitting in a chair representing an island means everything people need is in that person’s hand. I mean every need from the smallest thing to the largest.

Journal 8/18/2006

P10 JAL bosses to fly in A team of Japan Airlines (JAL) executives will be flying in to Majuro next month for a follow up visit to prepare for the first charter flight later this year, according to the Marshall Islands Visitors Authority that is hosting the visit.

P14 Mexicans drift over 5,000 miles Three Mexican fishermen who drifted more than 5,000 miles in the open ocean were found by a Marshall Islands fishing boat last week between Tarawa, Kiribati and Majuro. They had been adrift for at least three months and possibly longer.


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