Fairies to be at MIHS in March

Journal 2/13/1981

P1 Ebeye high blood hunt The high blood hunt in the Marshalls continued as Medex Arata Nathan and Health Planning intern Mike Mueller traveled to Kwajalein to implement hypertension screening on Ebeye. They spent a week on Ebeye training Public Health Field Supervisor Sulikau Yoshikawa and practical nurse Grace Balos Joram.

P10 US Congressmen oppose dumping Forty-nine members of the US House of Representatives and two US Senators recently signed and sent a letter to the Japanese Diet (parliament) asking Japan to stop its plans to dump low-level radioactive waste in the Pacific Ocean.

Journal 2/12/1993

P16 Capital to be finished June 30 One of the most often asked questions since its inception is, “When will the new capital building be finished?” The end is in sight. After serious problems and considerable delay, the scheduled date of completion is June 30. Yes, of this year.

P18 Delap Elementary School second quarter honor roll Seventh grade: Roosevelina Maddison, Rosalia Laluj, Groselinda Edwin, Goodwin Edwin, Sonyia Anien, Lima Hertin, Menelap Ati, Joselynn Rang, Loraan Loraan.

P19 Record tide About 4:30pm Sunday high tide hit Majuro with a vengeance, or so it seemed when water flooded parts of Majuro. The seas reached a height of 6.6 feet, the highest tide this year. The water overflowed many parts of DUD, including Small Island, Alwal in Rita, and the PII/McConnell Dwell Construction Company in Jenrok. Much of the road adjacent to the airport was covered with trash, coral, coconuts, palm fronds and deep pools of water as a result of the high tide.

P23 Kramer boasts quick erection In what appears to be a world record, Pacific International Inc. will take only seven days to erect a 24-unit apartment complex. On February 22, PII will begin erection of the complex at Lojkar Village Resort. PII CEO Jerry Kramer says that “WAFFLE-CRETE is particularly well suited for typhoon and severe climate areas where concrete structures are preferred.”

Journal 2/13/2004

P3 Twins Ramona and Jesse Napolitano are the proud parents of identical twin boys born at Majuro hospital Monday. They weighed in at 6.9 and 4.8 pounds.

P6 Five catch five in MBC comp Of 10 boats that fished Majuro’s waters in last weekend’s Marshalls Billfish Club Catch-5 tournament, an amazing five boats brought home the required five species. Winner was Team Nini, skippered by Ladie Jack, which came home with 270 points. Second went to MEC Brits II captained by Anja Andy, 240 points.

P14 Plummeting prosecutions A Journal review of High Court case records for Majuro shows that the number of prosecutions filed by the government declined by 50 percent between 2001 and 2003. Court records show that there were 80 criminal cases involving Majuro incidents in 2001. The number declined to 58 in 2002 and further dropped to 40 last year. High Court records show that prosecutors have an admirable record of guilty verdicts.

P16 Professor produces play time at our high school Magic, love and self-identity are among the themes of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” that will be showcased in Majuro early next month. Under the direction of Dartmouth College Prof. Andrew Garrod, the play is taking shape at the Marshall Islands High School campus with daily rehearsals involving both MIHS students and Dartmouth teachers. “It’s the most ambitious production in the five years of the Dartmouth program in the Marshall Islands,” said Garrod.