‘Buhly’ wear making its mark

A happy group of super sewers outside Kimberly Matthew’s Ene Rose Shop in Enedrik where her designs are sold and those interested can inquire about learning how to sew. Photo: Eve Burns.

Talented Marshallese clothing designer Kimberly Matthew is famously known for her work on Buhly wear. Her label reflects a Marshallese pronunciation of the second part of her name (Berly to Buhly).
She designs and sews clothes that Marshallese girls all over have gone crazy for.
She was born and raised here in the Majuro, attending Majuro Coop Elementary School. She moved to Hawaii for middle school, then returned to Majuro for two years of high school before heading off to California for her junior and senior years. After achieving an AA degree in college, she returned home in 2016.
Kimberly’s shop, Ene Rose Shop, is located at Enedik near Wilmart Wholesale.
Kimberly recently started a sewing training program and has committed her time to share her talent to teach others who are willing to learn as her way to give back to the community. She is currently holding classes in the morning and afternoon.
She is the youngest female in the Marshall Islands to own a sewing shop.
Kimberly told the Journal that she has always loved drawing clothes since she was a kid.
“I drew Barbie, princesses and cartoons just because I loved their outfits,” she said. “I grew up just designing and sketching and when I moved with my bubu to California, I watched her sew and that’s when I learned and started sewing my own sketches.”
Being able to sew and make dresses has always been a dream for Kimberly.
She started her little business with a goal in mind to give back to the community as well as creating designs and generating income for the younger generation. Believing that creativity is just as important as book learning in school, Kimberly set a long list of goals and started sharing her talents by teaching girls how to sew.
“With this small business, I realize it is possible to give back to the community,” she said.
As part of giving back to the community, Kimberly and her trainees will perform Christmas carols visiting old age people to give out pillowcases that they made during their classes.


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