Formosa aids Woja community

Formosa’s Chewy Lin, Woja community representative Ylissa E. Kendall, and Formosa founder Henry Lin with some of the items being donated to the Woja community. Photo: Wilmer Joel.

Formosa continues to live up to its motto of being a reliable neighbor by recently donating school supplies and 50 cases of milk to the Woja community. The donation was valued at $1,500 to “Make a difference” (Woja Majuro Kid Community) founder Ylissa Kendall for Woja community’s back-to-school carnival.

“This event will help families and students in our community who are struggling to make ends meet, especially now that inflation is going up,” said Kendall in her Facebook post. Formosa foundation told the Journal that they are honored to help the students and will continue to support education in the Marshall Islands. This is the second donation Formosa has made this year.

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