Fr. Rich takes on ‘Mon Bata’

Journal 2/1/1983

P1 Eight trainers graduate Eight women trainers on January 28 got their certificates from the Women’s Leadership Training program after almost a year of attending the program. Opening remarks at the graduation ceremony were given by Secretary of Social Services Marie Maddison. The topics discussed or studied at the workshop were food, overpopulation, fishing, women’s leadership in business and home fields.

P1 Sato Maie: Ten-Ten and KAC may be near agreement on Kwaj payment distribution An agreement may be reached soon between the Kwajalein Atoll Corporation and the independent landowners group known as the Ten-Ten, according to Ten-Ten Chairman Sato Maie. According to Maie, the Ten-Ten will pay legal and administrative expenses of the KAC provided that the KAC agrees to distribute the Kwajalein land use payments on a per-acre basis. The KAC formula is 50 percent on a per capita basis and 50 percent on acreage.

Journal 2/3/1995

P2 Sad day for Sea Patrol After four days of intense searching, the RMI Sea Patrol effort to find three missing Maloelap fishermen reluctantly ground to a halt. Police Commissioner Norman Jennings told the Journal that his office was notified January 21 that a 16-foot outrigger, which had left the previous day, had failed to return. 

P10 Employee of the year Congratulations to Jinwa Lang who was selected as Gibson’s Employee of the Year. Jinwa was promoted to assistant manager in the field trip ship department.

P14 MIHS first semester honor roll 12th grade First honors: Tarry Henos, Morda Morris, Selma Peter, Zin Thomas, Robert Anjain, Anja Henos, Jesse Napolitano, Naomi Lang, Dixie Lomae, and Tommy Bohanny.

P16 Fr. Rich comes to town On the third Sunday in January, the congregation of Assumption Catholic Church saw a new face at the pulpit Fr. Richard McAuliff, SJ. He has come to the big city after two years on Likiep Atoll learning the culture and the language. “It was wonderful there,” he said, “but I was needed here, so here I am!” 

Journal 2/3/2006

P1 RMI cops join peace force Two Marshall Islands police will make history when they join the Australian-sponsored Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) at the end of February. It is a regional peacekeeping force. The departure of national police Sgt. Carlson Jacklick and Sea Patrol Sgt. Clemson Jormelu first to Australia for pre-RAMSI training and then to the Solomon Islands is a first for the north Pacific.

P2 First SK fuel delivery After 14 years of depending on Mobil Oil Micronesia as its sole fuel supplier, the Marshalls Energy Company has switched to a South Korean supplier. The arrival of the SK Networks’ fuel tanker Oram Glory in Majuro Sunday confirmed MEC’s switch to the new supplier. In late January, MEC’s Bermen Laukon signed a one-year fuel deal with SK Networks officials at a ceremony attended by MEC board member Member of Parliament Alik Alik, Ambassador Yong Ji, and Minister Mattlan Zackhras.

P3 College crumbles A bit of history — ugly to be sure — started being dismantled this week, as Anil Construction crews used muscle power and a crane to pull off the roofing of an old building at the College of the Marshall Islands in anticipation of the construction of a two-story dormitory on the spot. The building was once the polio and public health ward of Majuro hospital from the 1960s until the move to the then-new hospital in Delap.

P6 Taiwan project to boost small business Taiwan’s plan to inject micro loan funding of $800,000 into the Marshall Islands is moving forward following the visit by two project managers from Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund. 

P14 Note, Vatican VIP discuss Jesuit status Archbishop Charles Balvo, the Vatican ambassador to the Marshall Islands, presented his diplomatic credentials to President Kessai Note in Majuro late last month. The ceremony prompted discussion about the impending change of command for the Catholic Church in the Marshall Islands from the Jesuits to Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. Note praised the work of the Jesuits. Balvo said the Jesuits recently informed the Vatican that they are no longer able to guarantee that they can provide priests to the church here.

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