Fresh eggs fly to Ebeye

Journal 4/10/1981

P1 Washington trip ruined by assassination attempt A six-member Marshalls delegation to Washington, DC was a victim of the assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan, according to Senator Jeton Anjain who was leading the group. They were going to attend a news conference to have been given April 3 by the Marshall Islands Atomic Testing Litigation Project concerning lawsuits on behalf of Northern Marshalls victims claiming damages, he said.

P1 Alternative energy display set up Solar powered beer cooling and bath water heating were among displays of alternative energy systems at the government building today.

P6 Senator disagrees The Enewetakese people who left Enewetak Atoll to Ujelang last week did so for three main reasons. There is nothing to do on Enewetak for one thing. Then there is the fear of possible remains of radiation on the island. The other reason is because the trees, especially the coconuts, cannot yet bear fruit. This is according to Enewetak Senator Ismael John who was at Enewetak last week when the trip to Ujelang was made. He also said the people want to look after their lands in Ujelang.

P9 Domnick to Guam, Saipan Secretary of Public Works Charles Domnick left Majuro April 2 for Guam where he is attending a Mobil meeting. After the meeting on Guam, Secretary Domnick will proceed to Saipan where he will meet with officials at Headquarters concerning $250,000 for upgrading the power plant.

Journal 4/9/1993

P3 Ebeye gets fresh eggs from Majuro Fresh eggs, made in Majuro, are now available on Ebeye and several outer atolls, said RMI Poultry Project staff Nelson Labout. This is part of the continuing expansion of sales of eggs produced by the RMI Poultry Project in Laura.

P5 Court wizard Newspaper reports from Costa Mesa, California, confirm that a Marshall Islander is a “defensive wizard” on her high school basketball team. Neiar Kabua, daughter of the late Watak Kabua and Metwan Kabua, is on the starting lineup of the varsity team at Costa Mesa High School where she is a senior. Her coach, Lisa McNamee, was quoted as saying: “Without her, there’s no doubt in my mind we wouldn’t be where we are today,” which is on a 25-game winning streak that put the team in the playoffs.

P6 Official opening First Lady Emline Kabua cut the ribbon to the new office building/classroom facility at the College of the Marshall Islands as CMI President Sr. Dorothy Nook looked on. The opening was part of the celebration of CMI’s independence from the College of Micronesia.

P11 Dry season unusual — it’s wet Although there never seems to be enough water to make Majuro Water and Sewer Company happy compared to this time a year ago, 1993’s dry season is not dry. A total of 13.49 inches of rain fell in March — a significant increase over March 1992, when almost no rain fell (just 0.15 of an inch).

P20 Court has Fields day New High Court Judge Allen Fields arrived Monday and by Thursday was presiding over a trial in a second-degree murder case. He joins Chief Justice Neil Rutledge and Judge Witten Philippo on the three-member High Court.

Journal 4/9/2004

P4 Management, not money, key to development success Steve Pollard of theAsian Development Bank told a group of RMI government and non-government agency officials last week that poverty is one of the most serious issues here. The priority needs of the poor in the Marshall Islands are improved access to such public services as primary health and primary education as well as the availability of employment, he said. “But to provide these needs, the country has to be organized and managed to meet these needs,” he said. Too may aid and investment projects have failed to yield results in the RMI, he said. “All of these have not yielded results because the environment, the organization and management has not been in place to best use these investments,” he said.