Fright night fun for all

Journal 11/8/1983
P8 chap. 30 Unsure and rattled, I asked Bwera what he had said. “I said she’s a professional hoofer, you know, professional dancer, like that,” he replied. I looked at the cup of coffee being delivered to my table and paid close attention to the curl of steam rising sensuously from the top of the cup. “A dancer, so that’s it. That’s why she moves so gracefully. No wonder…” My thoughts were interrupted by Amon. “Hey, you look shook and you didn’t even have your coffee yet. What’s wrong with you?” he asked. “Nothing,” I replied. “It’s just that I was with that dancer last night, actually real early this morning. I met her at Island Hostess at 2am where I was supposed to interview her.” “Interview her about what?” said Amon, clearly less than impressed with my explanation. “Well, she was telling me about this guy named Tullis she met here over 10 years ago. Seems this guy was pretty interesting and did some wild stuff when he was here.” “Like what?” interrupted Bwera. “Like I don’t know. She just started talking about him and filling me in on how things were back then and then it was time to go.” “Some story,” said Amon sarcastically. “I’m not finished with her yet. We are to have another interview. Before I do, I intend to go down to the Library to find out if they have anything on record about this Tullis guy.” “What makes your think they’ll have anything on this guy?” asked Bwera. “It’s just something I want to try. Maybe something will turn up in the old newspapers.” later…

Journal 11/10/1995
P3 Swearing in
Judge Witten Philippo swore in Daniel Cadra as an associate justice of the High Court for an initial two-year term in a ceremony Monday attended by President Amata Kabua.

P5 Awesome Fright Night was a gas and everyone had a good time. Packed in like sardines we watched the dancers while Bwil & Molo played music. Then the fun began as costumes were judged and prizes given out. Dressed as “The Fly,” Gerry Smith got top prize for best costume. Most awesome costume was worn by Dave dressed as a woman-eating shark. Russian got the prize for ugliest costume. He was dressed as a, well, he was just, uh…Russian. You know. Funniest costumes were worn by Jan and Don Hess dressed as the Duck family straight from Duckburg. Most original costumes were worn by Deborah, dressed as a TV, and Sheryl, who was a gum ball machine.

P16 Jet Kain Melele By Yeller Bnzmn We are talking about Marshallese foods, and we’re also talking about our culture in the Marshall Islands. But it seems like our own people don’t care about both our food and our culture. Each day as we pass by every stores on Majuro, we see people going in and out. They also come out with at least a can good instead of a fish. Couple of weeks ago, Ministry of Social Services had this garden competition which was held during World Food Day celebration and everyone was invited to register their garden with no fee. Out of thousands of people living on Majuro, only five people registered their gardens. I don’t think only five people believe in gardening, Marshallese foods, or willing to get sweat for a living. What was good about the garden competition was all five registered gardens were all winners, no one lost.

Journal 11/10/2006
P14 Joint ownership plan for Our Airline
Saying that small islands need to work together to ensure they have essential service Nauru Minister of Transport Kieren Keke last Thursday said the newly launched Our Airline is seeking involvement from each island served by the airline. Speaking to about 150 government and business leaders at the official launch of Our Airline at Marshall Islands Resort’s Melele Room, Keke said that talks with heads of states from the Marshall Islands, kiribati, Solomon Islands and other countries at last month’s Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji “have led to a road map to take this concept forward to a reality.”

P19 Daly’s putting RMI on the surfing map The luxurious Indies Trader IV arrived in Majuro last Saturday on a quest to take surfers for some of the best rides of their lives off the atolls of the Marshall Islands. Suring is a new sport for the Marshalls and Indies Trader owner Martin Daly believes the quality and number of “great breaks” means the boat’s presence here will be a winner for his company and for RMI.