New Delap Store Opens

Journal 2/10/1984

P1 Groundbreaking for Majuro Shopping Center A groundbreaking ceremony was held February 9 on the old airstrip in Delap to mark the beginning of construction of a facility named by its owners as Majuro Shopping Center. The center, which is owned by Pacific Marshall Inc., will feature a Gibson’s Department Store (similar to the one already located in Guam), and along with warehousing, will include a mezzanine floor consisting of administrative offices and areas available for rental offices.

P3 Imada prefers commonwealth Kwajalein Senator Imada Kabua said today that he personally favors the political status of commonwealth over free association because he feels that the people on his island would get more money under such an arrangement.

P5 Kwaj news briefs (From the Hourglass) January 30 marked the 40th anniversary of the invasion of Kwajalein by the US Marines, Army and Navy. The 7th Infantry Division that invaded Kwajalein was known as the Hourglass. It is for this division that the Hourglass (Army newsletter) is named.

Journal 2/16/1996

P1 President issues blunt message In a telling week of focused anger at continuing beach defecation, irresponsible plastic diaper disposal, and relentless littering, President Amata Kabua used the forum of the local government’s Liberation Day activities and convened Nitijela to express with strong denunciation action of citizens giving the RMI a bad name. He called on all residents of both Ebeye and Majuro to join in efforts to clean up and maintain new standards of community cleanliness.

P3 Welcome to new ambassador New US Ambassador to the RMI Joan Plaisted presented her credentials to President Amata Kabua February 9

Journal 2/16/2007

P1 Japanese wow local businesses The first of what is intended to be a series of special charter flights direct from Japan to the Marshall Islands began this week with the arrival early Sunday morning of approximately 200 visitors. this was the first significant arrival of tourists from Japan to the Marshalls since the end of World War II. The visitors appeared to be dive-oriented and by local reckoning some several hundred thousand dollars were injected into the local economy.

P16 Note supports popular vote President Kessai Note told Marshallese living on the US west coast that he wants the President to be directly elected by the public. “I was asked about the constitutional convention earlier today upon my arrival,” said President Note in a statement posted to his website last week. The Presidency said he is supporting a popular vote for the presidency. Currently, the president is elected by the 33 members of Nitijela.

P19 10th Coconut Cup set “It’s going to be bigger, better and more beautiful than ever,” raved CMI’s Don Hess on the upcoming 10th annual Coconut Cup Regata, which is being held on the weekend of March 24. Over the years of the regatta, the fleet of modern cruising yachts, traditional sailing canoes, dinghies and windsurfers has grown larger and larger, with this year expected to be no different.

P20 Majuro in grips of a mini-drought With the arrival this past weekend of a significant group of tourists from Japan, both the business and private sectors have been scrambling to cope with the mini-drought the atoll has been experiencing.


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