Hand-to-hand combat in Delap

The Arm wrestling competition at Delap Park Saturday featured several dozen competitors, including Kioyoshi Tadashi and Thomas Forn, who was also an organizer of the event. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Majuro’s first-ever arm wrestling competition, the brainchild of Thomas Forns and the Majuro Arm Wrestling Association, became reality last weekend at Delap Park. The event featured numerous armwrestling competitors around the island for six divisions.

Power 103.5 DJ Yastamon co-hosted the competition with Thomas who was also refereeing.

There was a goodwill matchup between US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Jeremiah Knight against Yastamon with Daniel Kramer as the commentator. This matchup started as a result of Yastamon talking trash about Knight on air claiming he could beat him in armwrestling (see photo).

Despite Yastamon’s effort to overpower the muscular US Embassy chief, Knight secured the victory. Yastamon told the audience he let Knight win.

The Men’s Heavyweight Championship between Kairirieta Ientaake and Floyd Chong Gum was the main event. Floyd subdued Kairirieta and won the first two sets in a best of three match. The crowd went wild over Floyd’s victory.

The audience were impressed with a back and forth match against Charlotte Forns and Clarissa Page from the Girls’ Division. The young competitors held on until the end, however it was Charlotte who won the match. Another matchup that didn’t go unnoticed was between a college tactic genius Kiyoshi Tadashi and a brawny high school student Benjamin Sanchez. As the two locked hands, both stared at each other unfazed. A strap was wrapped around their hands to avoid the hands from slipping off. Kiyoshi caught Benjamin off guard with his quickness, however Benjamin’s strength dominated Kiyoshi’s clever tactics.

Kramer acknowledged the MAWA team for putting together the arm wrestling competition to get the community involved. A secret member of the team was recognized, Rese Anterea, the director behind-the-scenes who was pulling the strings.

Thomas told the Journal that the event was successful.

“We are thrilled to report that the event was a huge success,” he said. “With over a hundred people cheering and having fun. Despite the initial bad weather, the event went smoothly and everyone had a great time. The excitement in the air was palpable, with the crowd really enthusiastic and everyone having fun.”

He added by sharing his appreciation to his team of volunteers who worked to make this event a reality. “Without their support and dedication, the arm-wrestling competition on May 6 would not have been possible,” he said.

Men’s Heavyweight Division: Floyd Chong Gum
Men’s Lightweight Division: Marcus Forns
Women’s Division: Kamwea Tibwee
Girls’ Division: Charlotte Forns
Boys’ Heavyweight Division: Benjamin Sanchez.
Boys’ Lightweight Division: Kabua Amtereai
Youngest participant: Florence Forns (7yrs old)


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