Happy birthday Taiwan

Marshall Islands and Taiwan flags adorned an outrigger canoe and the poolside area at Marshall Islands Resort for the October 10 National Day celebration of the founding of the Republic of China/Taiwan. Photo: Chewy Lin.

A National Day celebration banquet was hosted by the Taiwan Embassy at the Marshall Islands Resort October 10 to celebrate the birthday of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on October 10 – the Double Ten Day.

Representing President David Kabua, who was still in quarantine in Arrak, Minister in Assistant to the President Christopher Loeak attended the banquet together with cabinet members, members of Nitijela and government officials. Around 150 guests from all walks in Majuro joined the celebration.

Ambassador Jeffrey Hsiao first praised the RMI government’s efforts in keeping the country Covid-19 free and recognized the guests on the front line against Covid-19.

“As the global community continues to fight against Covid-19, a review of 2020 shows Taiwan to have displayed resilience in many democratic achievements,” Ambassador Hsiao stressed as he mentioned that Taiwan and the RMI have proceeded with their peaceful elections, and that Taiwan, lauded as the Taiwan Model in Covid-19 response, has donated medical supplies to over 80 countries, including the RMI, in its global Covid-19 relief efforts. “Taiwan can help and Taiwan is helping,” he said.

“Taiwan’s humanitarian contributions should not be taken for granted and Taiwan should be accepted in international organizations in an equal and dignified manner,” Ambassador Hsiao reiterated with a quote from President Kabua.

He said the Iokwe spirit and the Taiwan spirit are very similar and share the same values. “Taiwan shall continue to promote peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region with the RMI and like-minded countries,” Hsiao said.

Representing the RMI government, Minister Kessai Note first praised Taiwan’s effective Covid-19 response. He also extended appreciation for the ROC-RMI partnership in all levels and Taiwan’s assistance in capacity building, education, and other areas for the RMI, and especially Covid-19 response.

A pre-recoded congratulatory message from President Kabua was played after Minister Note’s speech. He highly praised the joints efforts of the ROC and the RMI for the past 22 years and pledged continuous support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.

As a yearly tradition, the banquet unfolded with Taiwanese indigenous dance by the Taiwanese Community. Following that, songs featuring climate change by a few Marshallese youngsters and a second Taiwanese indigenous dance. The banquet reached its climax in a cake cutting ceremony with a backdrop of happy birthday theme song, which concluded the event with cordial friendship and high spirits.


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