Heading back to Spit City

tw-pic-10-28Journal 10/29/1976

P6 Zeder addresses Palau Legislature Fred Zeder addressed a joint session of the House of Chiefs and the House of elected members of the Palau District Legislature last week. Zeder told legislators that “during the period I have been in my position, I have reviewed the procedures used between Washington and the Trust Territory and have found these procedures to be outdated. A tremendous lack of communication has existed between Washington and the districts of the Trust Territory.”

P9 Beautiful Following fast on the heels of a similar event, Itsco Restaurant (Delap) opened for service Thursday with appropriate fanfare. An indicator of the new first-class standard being demanded there, Itsco is a pace-setter: said one patrol describing the food and the service on the first day: “Beautiful.”

P9 Just a thought If, as Continental Airlines board chairman Robert Six contends, Air Micronesia has been and continues to be a loss operation, why doesn’t the American airline offer to trade off the route here to Air Nauru. There is very little doubt in anyone’s mind that Nauru wouldn’t fly at the opportunity to get control of this obviously lucrative route despite claims about a “loss” operation.

Journal 11/1/1991

P1 Speaker Kessai Note questions: Change to what? The pace of political activity in the Marshalls has been picking up dramatically in recent weeks, so much so that the parrot down at Curl Ip & Dye hair dressers was heard squawking: “Time for a change! Time for a change!” The reason for the parrots parody was simple: The Ralik Ratak Democratic Party had taken to jury-rigged platforms in front of Ace Hardware and the speakers worked so well you could hear the speeches comfortably while getting a hair cut, or, as in the case of Jake the parrot, cleaning your feathers.

P11 The chickens and the eggs: Coming soon Here’s an interesting fact: the Marshall Islands currently receives a full two percent of all foreign aid provided by Israel. This is a considerable percentage when one considers the size and relative population of the Marshalls. The Israeli presence in the Marshalls is centered in Laura at the poultry project which is operating under the auspices of the Ministry of R&D. The advisor for the program, Shaul Eliat, is himself a farmer who comes from Israel. “Israelis are usually hard people,” he told the Journal. “I only have two years here and I don’t have time to play around.” Currently, there are cages for 2,500 layer hens ready. The first eggs are expected in mid-December.

Journal 11/3/2000

P3 The Priest and his ‘bodyguard’ Micronesian Seminar Director Fr. Fran Hezel and assistant director Jason Aubuchon were in town from Pohnpei this week for seminars with the Catholic community and to meet with island leaders and collect research information that they are using for their website and discussion papers on key issues affecting the Marshalls, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau. Hezel has recently been in the forefront of a spirited debate over the RMI’s lawsuit against US tobacco companies.

P8 Something missing We sure were happy to get back to Majuro after a week in Honolulu. After arrival in Honolulu, we kept having this feeling that something was missing. But like an itch in the middle of our back, we couldn’t quite put our finger on what it was that didn’t fit. Then after about four days, it hit us: We hadn’t seen a single person spitting on the ground. After that we started looking for spitters everywhere we went. And finally, after days of searching, we saw one young guy spitting. Hooray, we felt more at home after that incident occurred. But when our search came up empty for more spitters in Honolulu, we were god to get back on the plane to Majuro to return to the land of spitters.