Holly finds war remains

Front pages from 1986, 1998, and 2009.

Journal 8/1/1986

P5 Mudge blasts RepMar police actions The RepMar-MALGov police turf battle continues to heat up with a war of words between the two government agencies. MALGov justice minister Mudge Samuel blasted RepMar police chief Jose Moisa for what he described as the chief’s retune practice of arresting youth, stripping them naked and taking them into his office. “I ask, why does he do this?” said Samuel. Samuel, who was cited twice earlier this month by RepMar police, attacked the RepMar force as a “no class police force.”

P13 Catamaran launched to bring docs to Marshalls With shouts of “God bless it!” And a splash from two Marshall Islands drinking coconuts, the 71-foot twin hulled sailing medical ship Canvasback launched into service. Jamie and Jacque Spence, founders of Project Canvasback, sailed their own vessel for six years in the South Pacific and saw a great deal of need. “We wanted to return to help the people we had learned to love,” said Jamie.

P15 Well deserved rest Four long-time employees of Public Works retired last week after working for RepMar for more than 30 years. Jirokle Marutok, Philimon Jonathan, Tomaki Myazoe and Makoto Izawa were recognized by Minister Kunar Abner and Secretary Mike Capelle. Each received $100, a certificate of recognition and a coconut husking pick (“dron”).

Journal 7/31/1998

P1 Palau heat “I thought Majuro was the hottest place in the world,” said Jennifer Levy, one of the women’s volleyball players representing the Marshall Islands at the Micronesian Games in Palau. But since being in Koror for three days, she and other athletes have learned a whole new meaning of “hot.” Koror is sweltering and the athletes are sweating before they get onto the court. Even Palauans are saying it is unseasonably hot. “El Niño is still at work,” said Micro Games official Bill Keldermans.

Journal 7/31/2009

P1 Eight nations to restrict fishing Tuna catches in the western and central Pacific Ocean were worth over $3.8 billion in 2008, while the either Parties to the Nauru Agreement together received just $60 million. The tuna dollar “imbalance” is being addressed by the PNA. The issue is on the table at this week’s symposium, “The Future of our Fisheries, at the ICC in Majuro.

P3 Grave moment In 1994, Majuro World War II buff Matt Holly discovered the remains of Second Lieutenant John W. Starmann on Mili Atoll. The remains were recovered and an identification confirmed by the Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii in 1995. Starmann’s remains were then transported to the US for a full honor guard burial at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC. Fast forward to July 2009 and Holly found the grave at the cemetery during his visit.

P11 Eclipsters target Enewetak, Jaluit Town is in a buzz this week, hosting a more than normal cadre of visitors. Unfortunately, the visitors didn’t come to see us locals and share life experiences. They came to see what they could of the eclipse, targeting the two best viewing atolls, Enewetak and Jaluit. Of course, like always, Enewetak provide to be the most “primo” view providers and foreigners were in evidence at Marshall Islands Resort Tuesday evening munching on pasta and passing wind with the winsome host Bill Weza. The wonder to some of us sideline observers of this influx of eclipsters is how rich people must be (or scientifically motivated) to fly such a distance to see a rather boring event.


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