Honoring teen cancer victim

Relatives of Mardiako Akata Matthew Kinere, Jasia Matthew (left) and Rosemilta Matthew, show off the t-shirts printed in Mardiako’s honor that they wore for a memorial event in Majuro last weekend. Mardiako died in Maui late last month two days shy of her 18th birthday. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


In honor of a young woman who battled cancer until two days before her 18th birthday, the families and friends of Mardiako Akata Matthew Kinere came together in a special memorial event in Majuro. She was a vital member in the good news congregation.

“She impacted the lives of all people both young and old alike and was a great example to all her friends, families, and all who knew her,” said Rosty Jiem one of her cousins.

Mardiako passed away on June 22 in Maui just short of her 18th birthday.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, her relatives in RMI weren’t able to attend her funeral in Hawaii. But they didn’t stand idle and found a clever way to honor her spiritually. They wore an array of blue and yellow t-shirts with her picture and words of remembrance.

The relatives gathered and placed some flowers in the sea and let them float away, signifying a great of deal of accomplishment during her brief time on Earth. She leaves an unforgettable legacy to her families and friends.


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