Hooking up Problematic

Journal 1/10/1986

P3 Hook-up problems concern Chamber The Majuro Chamber of Commerce held its monthly meeting this week at Runway Restaurant. Some general heated discussion characterized the meeting regarding the difficulties businesses here have been experiencing in obtaining electrical hook-ups and phone or telex connections from government. Several of the members expressed the sentiment that delays experienced in obtaining such vital service from Public Works had a negative impact on economic development and should be corrected.

P6 Grant a baby Doc Best story of the week happened Tuesday afternoon at 4:36pm. I was at the hospital trying to get some information on Senator Chuji Chutaro’s condition when a lot of action started going on near the emergency room. My job as reporter forced me to find out what was going on, which I did. What happened was a baby boy was born in a Cruisin’ Taxi right outside the hospital. Dr. Pinano and midwife Stella Muller were right there and did a fine job of delivering. I helped out a little by holding Kroni Jabnil’s hand and encouraging her throughout the birthing. I suggested the healthy seven pound seven ounce boy be named Toyota or Taxi or Cruisin’ or maybe just Early. Anyway, the middle name definitely should be Stella. Congratulations Kroni, that’s a lakatu for sure. —Grant Gordon

Journal 1/12/1996

P5 Emotional moments It is a difficult vocation being a member of Nitijela: your performance review comes up every four years and the people who judge your performance, more often than not, are low-life creeps who act like they are your friend and only vote for you because they think they’ll be able to get some money or a favor out of you. Two stories we heard are poignant about in this appreciation of the fragility of holding a Nitijela seat. In one instance, a defeated senator was reported to have been crying when in the process of cleaning out his office for the new winner. And, before you feel too bad about the guy who lost, pity as much the winner. By one report, even before the recent election results were official, one apparent victor was deluged with requests for money from people who claimed they voted for him. People who do this sort of thing are low class trash — to think that these are the types of people who can sway an election one way or another is very alarming.

P6 Private clinic opens on Majuro Majuro Clinic owner Dr. Alexander Pinano opened a new private clinic here. Dr. Pinano has been dreaming of having his own clinic. Now his dream has come true.

P9 RMI loses dynamic personality A long time political personality in the Marshall Islands, John Heine, recently died in Honolulu after a long illness. Heine served as a congressman for several terms in the Congress of Micronesia during the 1970s. John attracted controversy as easily as sweetness attracts flies. He was forever embroiled in legal wrangling (he was a qualified legal counselor), hot pepper speeches, and funny doings. John was mostly a man of the people who, when necessity required, took to driving a taxi around town. That ploy, which gave him the opportunity to pick up voters and give them free rides, resulted in at least one election victory.

Journal 1/12/2007

P1 Oceania Under-18 Seventeen year old Marshall Islander Haley Nicole Nemra received bronze medals in Apia, Samoa for the 800-meter and 1,5000-meter sprints during the biennial Oceania Under-18 and Open Championships in Athletics. Nemra, who lives in Seattle and is the daughter of Korep and Mary Nemra, was just one-tenth of a second off the Australian silver medal winner in the 800 race. Other RMI athletes who competed were Cherith Allyse Fisher, veteran Roman Cress, Calep Steven, Daniel Mojetin and Adam Adam. The team was headed by Daniel Andrew of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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