Iakwe to Aloha Airlines

Front pages from 1987, 1999, and 2010.

Journal 5/15/1987

P5 MCAA grads
Marie Maddison congratulated sewing and restaurant trainees who completed the Marshalls Community Action Agency-sponsored programs last week. The sewing group: Bina Enos, Dasey Konou, Alice Biranij, Ajlok Rang, Atmina Jekken, Waire Ajen, Joni Anni, Cathy Mejen, Sentina Jack, Josephin Clanton, Nejuon Morikawa and Martha Ertin. The restaurant trainee grads: Monulej Bobo, Hemning Tawos, Jenjen Enoch, Meripha Alik, Lisa Luke, Risey Jolet, Noshe Thomas, Kasko Alex, Mathen Erakdrik, Dainah Enoch and Joni Sam.

P5 Airok fetes Canvasback doctors
Residents of Airok Island on Maloelap Atoll held a traditional Marshallese canoe launching party to celebrate the Canvasback medical catamaran sent to the island by the Ministry of Health Services. Airok was the first island of seven served by the Canvasback medical vessel.

P10 Wotje celebrates with blessing of Catholic school
The occasion was the blessing of the new Catholic school and sisters’ residence building on Wotje Atoll. Island residents celebrated the event with prayer, signing and food. The school building and the thatched roof sisters’ residence were blessed by Fr. Jim Gould, SJ.

P11 US nominates Marshalls Rep.
Last week, President Reagan announced his intention to nominate Samuel B. Thomsen, a foreign service officer, as the United States Representative to the RMI. He will be the first accredited American Representative to this country.

P11 Anjain honored by DC group
Rongelap Senator Jeton Anjain received the first annual Justice Award from the National Committee for Radiation Victims in Washington, DC last week. “Our first award has been presented to Jeton Anjain for his tireless work on behalf of the people of Rongelap, for his dedication and commitment to resolving the plight of his people, and in order to honor all radiation victims in the Marshall Islands,” said NCRV Vice President Kathleen Tucker at the presentation.

Journal 5/14/1999

P1 First landing in Majuro
Tuesday afternoon an Aloha aircraft arrived carrying 13 representatives of the airline that hopes to be making regular, scheduled landings in the near future.


P1 ‘DOE, DOI have crept away from agreement’
A former high-level Department of Energy official in the Clinton Administration told the Journal the US government’s push to return people to Rongelap Island in 2011 is “unjustified and unfairly places the burden of protection on the Rongelap people.” Robert Alvarez, a Deputy Assistant Secretary for National Security and Environmental Policy and a senior policy advisor to the US Secretary of Energy Hazel O’Leary from 1993-1999, said last week that without broad and repeated application of potassium fertilizer on islands that Rongelap people will live on and use, individual doses will exceed the agreed-to 100 millirem limited per year.

P5 Magic moment for MIHS seniors
It was like butterflies emerging from their cocoons when 60 or so Marshall Islands High School girls dressed up in glorious gowns last Saturday night in preparation for their prom night on May 28. There were over 130 dresses in total, mostly donated by friends and family of prom organizer SK Lipson, the MIHS counselor, and about 10 from folks in Majuro. The glamorous Saturday event, held in the back of Momotaro’s bright orange Small Island store, was the culmination of months of hard work by SK, who sent hundreds of emails requesting the dresses, which duly arrived at the Post Office at Uliga and were stored at the MIHS dorm. Saturday afternoon, store owner Mona Levy-Strauss ‘dressed up’ her warehouse area with cozy sofas, mats, palm fronds and a karaoke machine and the students started arriving. All around the room hanging from the rafters were cocktail dresses creating a unique boutique.


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