Is cocaine on the street?

Journal 6/5/1981

P1 Enewetakese want 15-year special trusteeship The people of Enewetak want a special US Trusteeship for Enewetak for about 15 years in order to complete the rehabilitation of their atoll and to catch up with the rest of the Marshalls, according to Magistrate Hertes John. He said that a poll showed that 93 percent of the people on Enewetak support the idea of a special trust under which they would have their own High Commissioner who would have direct access to the US government. “We aren’t going to fault the Marshalls government,” John explained, “but the US created a special relationship when they moved us and it is up to the US to help us.”

Journal 6/4/1993

P2 Cocaine on the street? Law enforcement officials believe that cocaine is being sold in Majuro for the first time. “Cocaine has never been introduced here,” said Assistant Attorney General Allan Lolly. “It needs to be eradicated as quickly as possible.”

P6 Wyatt leaving After 11 years as a manager with Robert Reimers Enterprises — including the last five as chief operations officer — Wyatt McMillin will be leaving Majuro for the US. Peter Gigante, currently RRE’s Majuro division manager, will take over McMillin’s position.

P11 JHS grads: ‘We’re ready’ Under the banner, “The Future is Now and We are Ready,” 34 seniors graduated from Jaluit High School in late May. The salutatorian was Marina Kanono of Namdrik and the valedictorian was Beroni Kilma of Namu. The other four-year honor roll students were Mojilong Abon, Mesin Juria, Dick Komen and Janet Nemra.

P16 President Kabua: ‘Let us uproot our dependency’ “Our younger generations…seem to have acquired an education that is way, way below the acceptable world standard, an education that seems to have instilled in our young adults a sense of dependency upon the outside world as well as upon the government itself.” —President Kabua speaking to Majuro graduates.

Journal 6/4/2004

P2 Weza coming back to run Kramer’s resort Former Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort general manager Bill Weza will be returning shortly to take over as GM of the Majuro hotel once again. Jerry Kramer confirmed that Weza has accepted the job offer to run the hotel, which no longer has Outrigger involvement.

P3 US forces tighter security at ports Ebeye’s port has been identified as having numerous security issues that need resolving with tightened international security requirements coming into effect on July 1. “Majuro is pretty much ready to meet the deadline,” said Port Authority Director Joe Tiobech.

P6 Urgent call for funds to curb suicides Twenty-six Marshall Islanders committed suicide in 2003, a more than 300 percent increase over the eight recorded in 2000. “Why should we tolerate having the highest suicide rate in the world?” asked Michael Jenkins.

P20 Government ‘ignores’ planning workshop A workshop this week heard that most RMI ministries and agencies suffer from a lack of coordination, planning and project evaluation skills, and work ethics. And as if to confirm the findings of the workshop, only a fraction of the government representatives invited were present at the workshop Monday.

P28 Tough time The Internal Affairs Sports and Recreation basketball league is having a hard time finishing up its season because the organizers can’t seem to get refs to turn up to the ECC and blow their whistles.