Jaluit CMI center takes off

Jaluit residents hired to construct a new library facility for CMI’s Distance Learning Center study in the computer center during breaks. Photo: CMI Jaluit Distance Education Center.


One of the best developments in the Marshall Islands today is happening in Jaluit Atoll thanks to the symbiotic relationship between the College of Marshall Islands’ Jaluit Distance Education Center and the locals of Jaluit.

Lately, the CMI extension program has hired locals only to work in the expansion of its campus, namely the library, according to Director Kenneth Fernando.
“We’ve hired five locals,” added Kenneth. “That’s five families being fed.”
And get this, while on break, the carpenters are trained in computer skills and 3D modeling to enhance their carpentry skills.

The Jaluit Distance Education Center has come a long way since its inception in June 2017. And the latest development might surprise educators throughout the Marshall Islands, especially the Ebeye CMI extension, which was established four years earlier.
This year, CMI has approved Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Associate of Science degrees for Liberal Arts and Education courses to be taken at the Jaluit center, according to Fernando.

To date, the Jaluit center offers Adult Basic Education courses similar to GED with the addition of the soon-to-be library service.

Read more about this in the November 15, 2019 edition of the Marshall Islands Journal.