Jaluit knocks off private schools

The Jaluit High School team in green uniforms won the science Jeopardy competition during Education Week activities. They also competed with other outer island high school teams, pictured here, from Kwajalein Atoll High School, Eniburr (Santo) High School, and Northern Islands High School in a Jeopardy competition focused on the Compact of Free Association. Photo: Junior Paul.


Jaluit High School became the first outer island high school to win the coveted Jeopardy competition — defeating three private schools to win the title for Education Week.
The competition was originally the brainchild of the US Embassy late last year when it hosted the first Jeopardy game in the Marshall Islands focused on the Compact and linked to the 35th anniversary marked last October 21.

The Embassy adapted this game originally from the “Jeopardy” which is a classic American TV game show — with a twist created by Merv Griffin, an American television show host and media mogul. The game works like this: Answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. Three contestants, including the previous show’s champion, compete in six categories and in three rounds.

For Education Week this week, the RMI Public School System (PSS) hosted their own version of Jeopardy on science topics at PSS Conference Hall.

This science Jeopardy consisted of four science subjects in high school which are Earth Science, Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics. The competition went on for more than three hours until Jaluit High School took control of the game getting the most questions answered correctly. In the end they won the competition with Majuro Cooperative High and Delap Seventh Day Adventist High in a tie as runner up, and Majuro Baptist Christian Academy in third place.


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