Jaluit wins math comp

Journal 3/26/1982

P1 Old Gateway Hotel coming down The old Eastern gateway Hotel structure is going to be torn down this one one wing at a time, according to Gateway/Nauru Local Government Council Majuro Manager John Bill. This week the south wing will be torn down to make room for the new hotel complex that is being built.

P7 High rate of thyroid cancer in Marshalls Thyroid cancer was discovered in more than one-sixth of 250 Marshall Islanders who were exposed accidentally to fallout from 1954 hydrogen bomb explosions, researchers said in a Pacific Daily News story March 21. Forty-two natives, 17 of them children, had the disease, according to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Thyroid glands of the 42 people were surgically removed. All 250 later were given thyroid hormonal tablets and recovered, the article said. “The natives will have to take the hormonal tablets for the rest of their lives,” said one of the researchers, Dr. P. Reed Larsen of Harvard University Medical School in Boston.

Journal 3/25/1994

P3 Chinese catch 250-tons of fish in RMI waters An interview with the president of a Chinese fishing company has revealed that after three months in operation, the company has caught about 250 tons of fish in Marshall Isalnds waters. Zhong Yuan MH Fishery Co. President Tian Jinhai, through interpreter Patrick Chen, said the company started in the Marshalls last October with 12 boats arriving in December and another six this month.

P17 Providing to the outer islands Outer islanders who depend on the field trip ships for supplies can now look to Katina Peter, Gibson’s new field trip ship manager, for administering to their needs. The three government field trip ships — Micro Palm, Micro Pilot and Micro Chief — carry goods for sale from Gibson’s in their front hold when they venture to the outer islands, said General Manager Keith Fawcett.

Journal 3/35/2005

P3 ‘500-year-old’ ship arrives in the Marshalls A piece of nautical history arrived in Majuro lagoon Wednesday afternoon in the shape of the Nao Victoria, a replica of one of Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet of ships that attempted to circumnavigate the globe in the early 1500s. The 80-foot vessel, which is en route from Hawaii to Japan, is reported to have suffered damage to its rigging and has stopped in RMI to do repairs. The original Victoria was one of five ships in Magellan’s expedition that left Seville, Spain in August 1519. The Victoria replica left Seville in October of last year and sailed west across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and on to Hawaii.

P8 RMI atolls, agencies that can’t be audited Audits for two of the “Four Atolls” and two Kwajalein government agencies were postponed because their records could not be audited, the RMI’s Auditor General reported to Nitijela earlier this month. In the twice-annual report to Nitijela, Auditor General Jean Tonyokwe said there were seven agencies that receive US or RMI government funding that could not be audited. These are: Enewetak/Ujelang Local Government (FY2000-2003), Marshall Islands Dry-Dock Inc. (FY1997-2003, Marshall Islands Development Bank (FY2002-2003), Meram, Inc. (FY2003), Kwajalein Atoll Local Government (FY2002-2003), Kwajalein Atoll Development Authority (FY2003) and Utrik Atoll Local Government (FY2003).

P18 Jaluit wins top honors in JOCV test RMI high school students recently sweated out another math competition presented by the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV). This year, almost 2,000 students took part, with Jaluit High School’s grade 12 students taking top honors. This marks the second year of the math competition, and participation has skyrocketed with four times more students participating this year. Individual honors in each grade go to: Maria Latdrik MIHS grade 9; Jefferson Jack, Alexander Peter, Denise Leon and Jason Cenicola all MIHS grade 10 who tied; Laiden Paulson JHS and Lee Eun Pyo and Nicholas Tibon of AHS grade 11; and Sigrah Tino from JHS grade 12.