Japan aids DES transport

At the grant ceremony at the Japan Embassy, from left: Public School System Commissioner Kanchi Hosia, DES Principal Loretta Case, and Japan Ambassador Norio Saito surrounded by PS staff. Photo: Eve Burns.

There is no better way to end the fiscal year than with a new school bus. Delap Elementary School (DES) Principal Loretta Case and Vice Principal David Robert were present last week for a signing ceremony of a grant for a new bus at Japan Embassy.

The ceremony was short and straight to the point. DES has been facing difficulties in providing transportation for students needing help to get to the school. The last bus DES had in 2011 was old, frequently broke down, the roof leaked and the surface of the passenger seats was gone.

Japan Embassy staff member Akiko Bobo Anuntak, who got everyone excited about the new bus, facilitated the ceremony. The grant, amounting up to $81,985, is funded through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP).

In the ceremony Ambassador Norio Saito, announced that Japan is an automobile producing country. “My favorite present is a school bus,” Saito said. He went on by welcoming everyone.

Saito said it is a pleasure, on behalf of the people and government of Japan to support, reliable and comfortable transportation for the students. “It is astonishing that the bus worked for a long time in this very hot climate. I do appreciate your continued effort in making good maintenance of the bus,” Saito said.

Loretta thanked the Japan Embassy for helping DES with their new bus, “we do really need it.” She said the students did not know that they were getting a new bus. “We wanted to make sure that everything is done then we will have a meeting with the PTA to let them know that we’ll have a new bus,” Loretta said.

Loretta expressed appreciation to the Japan Embassy for making this happened.
Japan’s fiscal year ends on March 31 and this grant marks the final Grassroots Grant for this fiscal year.

The government of Japan launched GGP in 1996, for the purpose of responding to various development needs in grassroots activities with schools and hospitals as well as local governments and NGOs in the RMI. As of March 2021, the Embassy has granted 155 GGPs in the RMI.


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