Japan and RMI keeping ties

japan-rmi-keeping-tiesSimie Jurelong and Ineko Clarence (left and right, respectively, in the photo) are among few local surviving Japanese descendants in their generation on island who continue their welcome tradition for Japanese groups visiting Majuro. According to Simie, the group makes leis to welcome guests and also participates in gatherings such as the Japan Embassy-hosted ceremony of Japan Emperor Akihito’s 82nd birthday held at the Marshall Islands Resort Melele Room earlier this month. The group has been carrying on this tradition since the 1970s, she said.

Simie is half Japanese through her father Yamaino (surname), who she said originated from Kagoshima. Simie was born on September 29, 1941. And Ineko was born in 1944. Ineko’s father was Ido, from Tokyo.

Read more about this in the January 1, 2016 edition of the Marshall Islands Journal.