Jenrok faces big challenge

Journal 9/4/1981

P4 Graduates Larry Muller and Ried Shoniber, two young Celestial Navigation graduates from Majuro, were presented with the Pacific Maritime Academy diplomas by Dr. John Craven, Marine Affairs Coordinator, State of Hawaii. Both of them will be heading back to the Academy this month to continue their schooling for Pacific Island Merchant Marine Deck Officer Training.

P5 Honored At a dinner in his honor, President Amata Kabua was presented a plaque commemorating the relationship between the US Army and the Marshall Islans by Ballistic Missile Defense Program Manager Major General Grayson Tate, Jr.

P7 Fast construction The construction of the new Cabinet building is proceeding in a swift manner. Public Works, CETA and volunteers complied the basic panel-fab building in only eight days. The police station renovation is proceeding in a similar swift manner.

Journal 9/3/1993

P1 Bracing for the blow A collision between rapid population expansion and the current tapering and eventual cessation of Compact funds will result in a lower standard of living in the Marshalls, says a report submitted to the President by a special presidential committee on the rationalization of the public service. Specifically, the Public Service is said to be inefficient, replete with vast differences in quality of services between the urban versus outer island locations, and is troubled with numerous unproductive employees “with neither the motivation nor the skill to perform the duties assigned to them.”

P4 President Kabua introduces ethics bill Two bills introduced by President Amata Kabua to Nitijela seek to establish an Ethics in Government Act and to amend the Criminal Code relating to improper ethical conduct of government employees.

P18 Mother and child conference draws big crowd The opening of the Second Annual Mother and Child Health Conference drew 78 attendees to the former Nitijela chamber. Marshalls Christian High School students from Rongrong performed for the attendees.

P20 A first Public Works Minister Antonio Eliu says the airport terminal in Ebon is the only one of its kind on an outer island. Guests surveyed the fine new building late last month.

Journal 8/27/2004

P6 Agency spending raises audit flags Independent auditors questioned more than $5.3 million in RMI spending in 2003 — nearly the same amount as the total of all questioned costs for 2001 and 2002. The majority of these questioned costs are not with the Ministry of Finance but rather in other agencies that receive US grant funding, such as the Ministry of Education and others. Most questioned costs center on purchases of equipment and supplies.

P16 Survey: Jenrok community faces huge challenges A detailed survey of Jenrok village in Majuro offers amazing insight into this crowded, urban neighborhood. But what it also tells us is that poverty that did not exist 25 years ago is a major problem into every day lives of a large portion of the people in this neighborhood of the capital. “There is evidence that most families in Jenrok cannot meet their daily basic needs,” the survey reported.

P26 Uliga Magics are best of the best The junior boys 15-and-under basketball tournament sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sports and Recreation office need August 20 as Uliga Magics celebrated its championship title following an impressive win against Delap Miracles at the ECC gym in Delap, 55-42. Magics’ point guard Yuzzi Maddison scored an impressive 32 points while Miracle’s Marvin managed 14.