Jerry: Co-exec of 2004

Journal 1/22/1982

P1 First two generators arrive for new power plant The first two generator engines for the new power plant arrived January 22 on PM&O Lines’ Broadsword. Each generator weighs 53 tons, among the largest pieces of cargo ever carried on the ship. The final two engines will arrive on the next voyage of the Broadsword. Also onboard were over 30 containers of materials for the power plant and tank farm.

P7 Global electrician hooks up Tobolar Tobolar’s generator is finally online, running both the copra plant and the airport feeder thanks to some critical assistance from Global Associates on Kwajalein. Global sent Elmer Camden, lead electrician at the Roi Namur power plant, to help Pacific International Inc. make the final electrical and control connections.

Journal 1/28/1994

P6 2 Marshallese set to take med exams Two Marshallese are set to take exams that, if passed, will make them the first from RMI to graduate from the Pacific Basin Medical Officers Training Program based in Pohnpei. Tarine Butuna and Robert Maddison will graduate from the school’s third graduation of Community Health Physicians February 2 if successful on their exams. Currently there are six other Marshallese students in the program who are expected to graduate in 1996. In year four are Handy Emil, Tom Jack and Zachraias Zachraias. Jorbi Balos, Helentina Garstang and Marie Lanwi (granddaughter of the late Dr. Isaac Lanwi) are in year three.

P13 Resolutions at Nitijela Vice Speaker Litowka Tomeing introduced Resolution 84 to express appreciation and gratitude of the people and government to George Miller, chairman of the US House Committee on Natural Resources, “for his noble and unflagging efforts to help the Marshallese people in discovering the truth about the US Nuclear Weapons Testing Program.”

P17 Bikini film wins award A recently released film about Bikini has won the New York Film Festival’s “best documentary” award and also picked up a gold medal in the history and society category of prizes. The film, “Bikini: Forbidden Paradise,” was competing with more than 3,000 television programs entered in the festival.

Journal 1/28/2005

P8 RMI ships come to reef grief Sometime between December 20 and 25, a Ministry of Transportation-operated ship — the YFU82 — struck a shallow area of Ebon Atoll’s pass into the lagoon, seriously damaging one of the vessel’s propellers. The YFU grounding in Ebon brings to four the number of Ministry of Transportation-run vessels that were run aground since early 2004.

P14 Launching party The RMI’s new vessel, MV Aemman was launched shortly after Christmas at the Kegoya Dock Co. Ltd. in Hiroshima, Japan. Transportation Minister Mike Konelios was on hand for the ceremony. The vessel will be captained on its maiden voyage from Japan by Captain Korent Joel.

P19 Jerry wins exec of the year title Majuro’s Jerry Kramer is the co-winner of the Guam Business 2004 Executives of the Year title, reported Pacific Daily News this week. Kramer, owner of Pacific International Inc., won the award together with Joey Crisostomo, owner and president of Cars Plus and Cycles Plus. They received their awards over the weekend at a gala dinner at the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa.