Jerry loves coconut fuel

Journal 5/23/1975

P11 Local company sets dividend at 30 percent

There’s probably a first for the Marshalls: The Majuro Stevedore & Terminal Company at its first annual shareholders meeting announced a dividend of 30 percent of the value of the stock held by investors.

The was some back and forth between attending stockholders on how much the dividend should be but Robert Reimers carried the day with a suggestion that such a piece of news might be a welcome relief to the usual lack of dividends coming out of such meetings.

The meeting was chaired by the company’s president Bilimon Amram.

Journal 5/29/1992

P4 President’s points

Baron Bigler, who has had the hot hand through the last four MBC tournaments, is the front runner in the President’s Cup race, which will culminate with the two day July tournament. Baron has 1,030 points, followed closely by Helly Kajeong’s 955. There is a big gap and then three fishermen are bunch in the mid-300s. Imang Chong Gum has 344, Anton deBrum (last year’s winner) has 340, and Kessai Note has 334.

P16 Local office recognized for fine year in 1991

The local branch of Micronesia Sales Company had the best overall performance for 1991, coming in ahead of the other 10 company outlets in Micronesia.

The Majuro wholesale store also took top honors in the best kept warehouse department and best asset management. The awards are given on an annual basis by chief executive officer Richard Decima, which is based in Guam.

Majuro manager Dan Muno received commendations from Decima for “capable leadership.”

Journal 5/18/2001

P1 Biram’s blueprint

No books, school buildings that are in awful condition, a lack of trained teachers and supervisors, and students graduating from high school with elementary reading levels.

That’s life in RMI’s public schools enough to put off event he most resolute optimist. But new Secretary of Education Biram Stege — who openly acknowledges this laundry list of public school woes — is far from ringing her hands and giving up.

Stege, who comes a Catholic school background, says “I’m positive we can improve the schools. It’s being done in the private schools; why not in the public ones?”

One of her primary concerns is the severe lack of books in classrooms.

P3 Kwajalein nuclear focus

The Mashallese Cultural Center at Kwajalein invited Bikini trust liaison Jack Niedenthal, author of the recently published book on Bikini ‘For the Good of Mankind’, to give a special presentation to Kwajalein residents on the history of the US nuclear testing program.

P9 Cheap fuel

Jerry Kramer rather proudly reported to the Chamber meeting last week that PII had a 27hp diesel engine running for 24 hours on coconut fuel.

He also said that one of the PII diesel vehicles had been operating on the locally refined oil “It definitely works,” he said. The Tobolar board has approved the sale of coconut oil fuel as a substitute for diesel.

P9 On the job with CMI

A group of Bank of Marshall Islands staff last week completed a business communications/introduction to business course that was conducted by College the Marshall Islands instructor Tim Owens. A new CMI business math course is scheduled to start later this month for BOMI staff.