Jojo narrates tuna video

PII Net Yard Manager Jojo Kramer pictured in a screenshot from the new video that features the Pacific tuna industry and his company’s role in it.

Jojo Kramer is featured in a newly released video that is viewable on YouTube.

It’s called Marshall Islands: Making more out of tuna, and it features Jojo talking about how his family company, Pacific International Inc., is engaging in the tuna industry — handling tuna unloading into freezer containers for export and servicing the large number of purse seiners that use Majuro as a transshipment and service hub.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for PII’s tuna operation, as Jojo explains in the three minute video. Port entry restrictions put in place early last year disrupted the company’s business flow. But they’ve been able to rebound by working with the protocols and developing secure ways of handling purse seiners in the Covid era.

Not only does Jojo deliver a concise and interesting overview of the tuna industry in RMI, and PII’s role in it, the video has great drone shots of Majuro lagoon, purse seiners, and dock action that bring Jojo’s words to life. Local professional photographer/videographer Chewy Lin was the man behind the camera.

What would Jojo do differently in life? You have to watch it to know.

The video was sponsored by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. Watch it here:


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