Putting the Journal to good use

King tides and how to stay safe when they arrive was the theme of this group’s English lesson, which was inspired by the article “High tides flood Majuro.” From left, CMI students Erick Naisher, Nantie Aisaia, Evelyn Dulei, Jody Thaddeus, and Rosemina Mabe Aititi. Photo: Dr. Rebecca Raab.

College of the Marshall Islands education students have been busy this semester learning to use articles from the Marshall Islands Journal to create engaging English lessons.

The CMI students, most of whom plan to be elementary school teachers, spent several weeks working together in teams to create lesson plans centered around an article from the newspaper in their EDU 285 ESL Language Arts Methods course.

Their professor, Dr. Rebecca Raab, designed the activity so that future teachers could gain experience using local literary resources to teach English. Raab explained that “the articles in the Journal are culturally relevant and place-based, making it much easier for students to learn English as the reading material is directly related to their lived experience.”

The CMI students and Raab expressed appreciation to the Journal for donating back editions to help facilitate this project. Additionally, should you want more information on using the Journal to teach English and other subjects, please contact Raab at [email protected].


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