Kabua wants Wake back

Journal 11/23/1982

P2 Ebb and Flow Can you believe it? There is a beer shortage on Ebeye.

P3 It’s a big and expensive job to run a large funeral Running a funeral and burial for an irooj is a big job. In the case of Manini Kabua, there were two groups with resources and experience in organizing the transportation and feeding of large groups. They are the alaps, who traditionally have responsibility, and the (mostly) young men of Kwajalein Atoll. Consider the logistics: Two field trip ships from Ebeye and Majuro plus those who arrived by air. To the around the atoll, they brought three pickup trucks and four motor boats. Pallets of food, rice cookers, drums of gas, plywood, generators, aluminum roofing and cement were among the items brought to Buoj, Ailinglaplap. Food preparation goes on almost on a 24-hour basis. Huge pots of coffee are always on the fire. The cost certainly ran into the tens of thousands.

Journal 11/25/1994

P1 Clams find a home in US Thousands of home-grown clams are being exported from the Marshall Islands to markets throughout the United States, prompting Robert Reimers Enterprises to plan an expansion of its Majuro clam facilities.

P3 RMI offered $160 million for waste site An American company has offered to pay the Marshall Isalnds government $160 million while it develops an aboveground nuclear waste storage site over a five-year period. Daniel Murphy of Pan Pacific Consolidated, Inc. of Washington, DC wrote  to President Amata Kabua last month proposing a four-phase plan for short and long-term storage and disposal of nuclear waste.

P9 Pres. Kabua repeats: We want Wake Island President Amata Kabua reaffirmed the Marshall Islands government’s position on Enenkio (Wake Island) as an integral part of the nation during talks with US military officials in Honolulu earlier this month. The President reiterated the Marshall Islands long-standing request for return of the island.

P14 Mobil exec praises Marshalls ship registry A model of Mobil’s supertanker “Eagle,” the largest double hull tanker afloat today, was presented to President Amata Kabua at the Cabinet Friday. Mobil Shipping and Transportation Company President Gerhard Kurz presented the glass-encased model of the ship that is registered under the Marshall Islands flag, bearing the name “Majuro” beneath the ship’s name on its stern. Kurz praised the Marshall Islands ship registry as a “world class” program.

P17 Team Jamie catches biggest billfish Alex Bing and his Team Jamie resumed their streak of marlin catches in Marshalls Billfish Club competitions with a 217lb catch that captured Saturday’s biggest billfish tournament and an $810 winner’s check.

P19 Outer islands women get small business skills Eighteen outer islands women are in Majuro this week to develop plans for launching small-scale project on their home islands, with the goal of exporting products to sell in Majuro. The workshop on women’s leadership for self-reliance for primary health care opened on Monday with Health Secretary Donald Capelle encouraging the women to work for self-reliance. “Others can come from outside to help us, but we have to do our part to help ourselves,” he said. The workshop is sponsored by Youth to Youth in Health, which has brought in three women each from chapters on six outer islands.   

Journal 11/18/2005

P29 Sea Patrol’s palace Sea Patrol’s recently complete building next to the Delap Dock is giving the ocean monitors a much improved place from which to do business. Earlier this week, a group of six new national police officers were sworn in by Commissioner George Lanwi: Detectives Rafferty Capelle and Eric Jorbon, and patrolmen Tarry Tarkij, Belja Jude, Bob Jacob and Jikku Boktok.

P35 MEC men take out tourney It was a soggy, soggy Saturday afternoon, but for some reason squads of people braved the elements to watch the RRE weigh-in for the Marshalls Billfish Club’s Biggest Qualifying Billfish tournament. MEC Brits II turned up at the dock before 8am to hand a 299lb marlin on the scales. Skipper Anja Andy then turned around and headed back to the sea and proceeded to tag and release two billfish, bringing them to a winning 699 points. Second place when to Lorraine K (Kenneth Kramer) for a 290lb marlin.