Kenneth wins first Atjang

At the Marshalls Billfish Club’s banquet July 6, Kenneth Kramer, left, receive his first Atjang Paul Memorial Trophy presented on behalf of MBC by family member Raul Paul. Teammate Joseph Bigler and Miss Billfish Carrie-Lynn Totha Alfred joined in the award. Photo: Phil Welch.

The Marshalls Billfish Club gave out numerous awards and trophies at its banquet at the RRE stage area last Wednesday. The well-attended event saw many anglers recognized for their fishing talents.

Long-time local fisherman Kenneth Kramer won his first Atjang Paul Memorial Trophy — given to the fisherman each year who exemplifies sportsmanship.

Wally Milne, who unusually couldn’t fish in the July tournament due to needing to attend to a medical issue off-island, had enough points in his pocket from earlier tournaments to pick up his third President’s Cup trophy, which son Damien received on his behalf.

Angler Ronnie Reimers wood the Bank of Marshall Islands trophy for most billfish caught, while Damien won both the Jackie Jacob award and the Matson Trophy for his 362 pound marlin, the biggest of the year, caught in an earlier tournament.

The Majuro Mayor’s trophy when to the Brits Too team that hauled in the biggest marlin for the July tournament at 180 pounds.

The Miss Christa award for marlin went to Albert Watley, and for tuna too Wally.
The Big Story went to MBC President Larryboy Hernandez for his team’s 95 pound marlin (which didn’t qualify), while the Crying Towel was handed to Sonny Milne and John Murphy for losing after many minutes of work what appeared to be a big marlin.


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